Believer Perspectives

Book of Jude

Pay Attention to the Short but Important Book of Jude

Of all of the short books of the Bible, my two favorites are Ruth and Jude. Both were powerful for the time they were written and both are profound … ...

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The Apostle Paul

The Importance of Paul as a Chosen Vessel Unto the Lord

Of all the writers and scribes of the New Testament, none is quoted or followed in churches more than Paul. We are told of his many works, his … ...

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In The News Videos

Victoria Osteen

Victoria Osteen Represents One of the Biggest Threats to Christians

We have discussed Joel Osteen on a few occasions on this site, but we've never discussed his wife. A recent video has social media and news outlets … ...

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Bill Gates Ice Bucket Challenge

Why I’m Not Doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

It's very easy to see signs in literally everything. Depending on your perspective, you can see good or evil in anything in the world. Recent … ...

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World News

Christians Persecuted in Kenya

Remember Our Christian Brothers and Sisters Persecuted in Kenya

As it seems to be in many other places around the world, Kenya is experiencing an increasing level of persecution against Christians. Somalia's … ...

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Muslims Worldwide

Why Christians Must Pray for Muslims Worldwide

On this site, we often speak out about the atrocities perpetrated by people within organizations such as ISIS and al Qaeda. It's important to … ...

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Our Videos

Guide to Reading the Bible

7-Step Guide to Reading the Bible

I don't remember when or how I started reading the Bible regularly. I wish I could say that it's because it was so long ago, but it wasn't. I had been … ...

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Halloween for Christians

Halloween for Christians

With Halloween this week, we thought it would be a good time to tackle the subject even further. We posted about Halloween earlier in the month but … ...

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Eye Origins

The Unaddressed Evolutionary Challenge of the Eye’s Origins

The debate about the evolution of the eye has been a flashpoint of passion since evolution was first proposed. Debaters on both sides have focused on … ...

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Blood Moon Tetrad America

America will See All 4 Blood Moons in the Tetrad

For years, there has been no shortage of speculation, conspiracy theories, debunking commentaries, and claimed prophecies surrounding the Blood Moon … ...

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Commentary Videos

Is Christmas Pagan

What Christians Need to Know About Christmas

There has been an awakening over the past few years, particularly in western society. More people are learning that Christmas and Easter have roots in … ...

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Armor of God

Is the Vision of a Roman-Style Armor Erroneous as a Way to See the Armor of God?

You can practically hear the trumpets of war blaring in your mind when you read Ephesians 6:10-18, but is the vision of our promised protection built … ...

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