Religion of Evolution

A Brief Analysis of the Religion of Evolution

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The theory of evolution is quickly becoming the only accepted concept allowed to be taught to children. As a nation and in other parts of the world, the conversation has been closed based upon one major fallacy: the general popular has been convinced that evolution is science and Creationism is religion. The reality is that both are religions.

Evolution has the backing of scientists because evolution has the backing of scientists. That’s an example of the mindset that has befallen the intellectual nature of evolution, but it’s not the only one. We have seen circular reasoning prevail in the dating system of the geologic column where bones are dated by the layers in which they found while the layers are dated by the bones that were found in them. There’s the concept that the missing link must exist and explain man’s evolution since we’re missing a link that connects man with primitive primates. Perhaps the biggest example of circular reasoning lies in the idea that evolution breaks second law of thermodynamics, entropy, through mutations and therefore these mutations are being demonstrated as “luck of the draw” examples of when entropy can by its very nature yield an increase in information at a cellular or molecular level.

In the very near future, we will explore the extremely important topic of why evolution has taken off so well (and no, it’s not because it’s logical, scientific, or correct). For now, we’ll turn to a nicely done video by White Rabbit that helps present an understanding of why evolution truly is a religion and not science.

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