Judeo-Christian View on Same Sex Marriage

A Judeo-Christian Perspective on Gay Marriage

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Arguably the hottest flashpoint in the political and religious worlds today is gay marriage. Many support the right of homosexuals to get married. Even churches are “coming around” to the idea. Nations are lining up to make it allowable under law. How should Christians react?

First and foremost, this is not an issue of sinful judgment. Those who believe that it is a sin would be correct. Those who believe they are without sin can cast the first stone. We are not able to judge one another regarding sin because we are all flawed. We all sin. None of us are good. No, not one.

This is also not an issue about personal rights. Free will allows us the right to do whatever we want as long as it does not hurt others. While a Biblical worldview denounces homosexuality, it falls under the same category individually as any other sin. The difference is that it is unnatural, a concept that required no Commandments in order to be upheld. Homosexuality goes against the Creation in that it produces relationships that cannot bear the fruit of marriage. Man and woman can join together to become one flesh. That is not possible with same-sex marriages, which is why it required no Commandment.

With this understood, one might wonder what the difference is between allowing it and disallowing it. If we are all in sin and we are all redeemed by the Blood of the our Lord and Savior, then gay marriage should not be an issue of contention for the faithful. The problem comes in the form of corporate judgment, a concept that is throughout the Bible and that means that we must fight against the passage of same-sex marriage. Just as Sodom and Gomorrah were judged corporately, we too fall under the same risks as a nation and a society.

Romans 1 captures the disapproval of God. It portrays a promise that we know there is a Creator by the nature of the Creation. It tells us that we were allowed to become vulnerable to our sinful nature because we refused to follow the natural course laid before us. It tells of homosexuality leading to other sins and it concludes with a very important point.

Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.Romans 1:32 (KJV)

It is one thing to do sinful things. It’s another thing to accept and even joyfully acknowledge that those things are okay. We all know Christians who have fallen for the concept that being against gay marriage is a form of discrimination. Every day, more Christians are starting to accept that men should have the right to marry men and women should have the right to marry women.

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