Acts 8:37

Acts 8:37 – The missing verse in many Bibles

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And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.Acts 8:37

There are many theories surrounding the omission of Acts 8:37 from several versions of the Bible, including the NIV and ESV. The official reason listed in most Bibles that omit it is that it was not present in early versions of the manuscript, that it was added to versions such as the KJV but that it wasn’t found in original Bibles.

The debate often happens when those who believe that it should be included questions the validity of these early manuscripts. One way or another, there is a conspiracy that surrounds this verse. That much cannot rationally be questioned. Either someone went through a lot of trouble to include a verse of the Bible that had enough legs to make into many modern translations or others went through a lot of effort to have it omitted because they didn’t care for the message.

It is a crucial point because it pertains to Baptism. If one were to be believe that it is supposed to be in the Bible, they could point the conspiracy towards the Catholic Church. If Baptism requires that one must believe with all their hearts that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, then it would call into question the practice of the baptism of infants. Professing the Messiah cannot be done by an infant.

The conspiracy works in the other direction as well. One might say that the verse was added in an attempt to cause a contradiction between the Bible and the Catholic Church.

We currently believe that the King James Version is the right English version, but we’re always searching and praying on the subject.


  1. As far as the importance of Baptizing a child at birth likened to Jesus the Jew. JTB
    was unlike Jesus, a Preacher and unlike Jesus a Baptizer of Men. Jesus never Baptized
    any one..A Rabbi [ Teacher ] always Reducing Himself. But to add in that Jesus is the Son of God
    and Jesus himself mentions that He is “the Son of MAN”. who do you say I’m ?? Who do they say I am? like count it. some 78 times. ??? what gives here.??

    Tampering with the BOOK for a Special Reason.? To Promote Christianity at its early Roots.

    and What Religion is this ” GOD ” ??? DOES GOD promote a particular View point.?? Is GOD a Christian and HIS SON a JEW.???? Speaking ” ARAMAIC ” AND EVEN Labeled a
    CARPENTERS [Trees?]
    SON of Mary, SON of Joseph, Son of MAN, Son of GOD, Names,Titles and Ranking.
    I can NO Longer continue in this Religious Rhetoric. TWISTING OF THE TRUTH BY THE MOTHER
    CHURCH//// No Flock or Herd Mentality here. as Jesus said to the Clergyman: “LOOK WITHIN

  2. This is an argument that will continue until Christ calls His Church home. Although I am NOT a “KJV only” camper, I greatly respect the above position that was stated, “we believe” . . .

    And to that, I believe, with all my heart that as we of different races, colors, national origins, faith denominations and translations will never even think to debate it for all of us who have believed in & called upon The Name of Jesus Christ will be, as HE PROMISED, with Him in glory.

    God Bless His Church as we do our part to share The Good news with a lost & dying world until His return!

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