Admiration for John Lennon Points to Challenges in Modern Faith

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John Lennon

There is a disconnection in the world when it comes to faith. Those who are watching closely enough are coming to this or one other conclusion depending on their perspective. The other conclusion: that we’re somehow more advanced in our faith than before due to some spiritual awakening that is currently going on and has been for decades.

The traditional concepts of Heaven and hell are being replaced by a more universal style of spirituality. It started a long time ago but has accelerated dramatically since the 1960s. Now, it is politically and ethically correct in the minds of millions to believe in a more general style of faith, one that embraces all gods being equal and possibly the same entity. One of the biggest promoters of this concept, whether intentionally or not, was John Lennon.

In this video by Living Waters, Ray Comfort does his normal thing on the streets but applies a different angle than we’re used to seeing from him. He tells about Lennon’s changing style of faith, the reactions of people as a result of it, and points to the dangerous trend of people not understanding what it actually takes to get to Heaven. There is only one path. There is only one God. Somewhere along the lines, a large number of people lost that knowledge and embraced an incorrect and dangerous mindset. This representation of today’s common worldview is arguably the most destructive of all the deceptions that are spreading throughout society.

John Lennon was a man of this world. He may or may not have found the right faith in Jesus Christ before he died, but his influence and the ideas he represented are all a part of the terrible trends that have circled this world and torn people away from the idea of repentance and true faith.

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