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Is Allah Actually Baal?

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The Bible, both in the Old Testament as well as the Book of Revelation in the New Testament, refer to a god called Baal. Some believe that there are correlations between Baal and the Muslim god, Allah. Some even believe that Allah is just a modern name for the same entity.

To Muslims, the answer is clearly “no”. Baal is mentioned separately in the Quran.

“And Elias was most surely of the messengers, he asked his people: ‘do you not fear (God)?, will ye call upon Baal and forsake the best of creators, God is your Lord and the Lord of your fathers, the ancients. but they rejected him, and they will certainly be called up (for punishment), except the sincere and devoted servants of God (among them), and we left (this blessing) for him among generations (to come) in later times, peace be upon Elias.”

—Qur’an, Sura 37, Ayat 123-130
In the video below, the contention is that Baal is manifested today as Allah. We have no idea if this is true, but the video makes for an interesting watch.


  1. Nonsense propagated by Zionists. There is no such thing as a Judeo Christian church…a ridiculuous concept…how can historical enemies form a common church? Except for deviant means of global control over other faiths.

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