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Is Bible Prophecy in the Middle East Unfolding Now?

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Many, particularly the younger generation in America and around the world, has grown up knowing that the Middle East has always been in turmoil.

History books, religious books, commentaries, and news reports show an incessant strife that would easily make one believe that there’s nothing special about what’s happening in the Middle East today. It’s all the way it has always been. Muslims hate Jews and Christians. Jews hate Muslims. Muslims hate other Muslims. There’s always fighting. It might seem like “business as usual” in the epicenter of world religion.

This may not be the case. We may have “eased into” this perspective over the decades in a way that has us desensitized to the reality that things really are on the verge of exploding into events that may be leading up to the prophecies in Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Psalms, amongst others. It all seems to be heading in the right direction to make this a reality. In other words, we may have been lulled into believing it’s simply more of the same to hide the fact that the current and upcoming events are truly Biblical in nature.

Nobody can know for sure until it happens, but we have been warned to look for the signs. This warning is one intended to help those with their eyes open recognize, prepare, and act. While action and preparation are often translated into a “head for the hills” or “hunker down” mentality that has preppers and conspiracy theorists building compounds and storing ammunition, that’s not the type of preparation that we’re intended to make. If this age of man is coming to a close, now more than ever we must be spiritually prepared. Gentiles must embrace Yeshua and spread the Word. Jews must accept Yeshua and likewise spread the word. These are the true preparations that we all should be making.

One of the biggest challenges that believers face is in accepting these realities without being lured into a focus on the outside world. It’s interesting! Even those with their eyes open to the truth will often get sucked back into the news, not just to look for signs but also to get a feel for other things that are happening. Do what you can to stay focused, to read your Bible daily, and to reveal it to those who would listen. It’s that important.

Here’s a video from The Watchmen. While we don’t necessarily support the views of the organization, the concepts in the video, or those delivering the message, we feel it’s a perfect example of what we may need to expect in the coming days. It also mentions the Blood Moon Tetrad coming up, something that we have discussed often ourselves here at Judeo Christian Church.

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