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Bible Study: Make Time 7 Days Per Week

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I have a sin that is challenging to overcome. I envy my wife. She is able to dedicate a good chunk of her time every day reading the Bible, researching about living a Bible-driven life, and getting engulfed in every aspect of the Word. I wouldn’t change a thing for her; it’s not the type of envy that eats at me. I simply wish I could do it as well.

As a business owner, it can be hard to find time. Family life is important. Business success is important. Neither can hold a candle to the importance of learning and sharing the gospel. This world is too loaded with evils for any good believer to rest for very long. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. We all must do the part that the Holy Spirit compels us to do, that our faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior demands for us to do.

This forces me to schedule it. I know that it’s not as sincere as feeling the inspiration to ask a question and search through the Bible for an answer the moment that it comes up, but it’s necessary for some of us. So, every night at 9:20 pm my phone beeps at me to remind me that I’m 10 minutes away from dedicating a bare-minimum of one hour to studying the Word that our Heavenly Father gave to us. It’s the instructional manual of life, the roadmap that leads us to the next life. If you’re too busy to be able to stay within your Bible for hours a day like my wife can, then you must force yourself to spend the time daily.

For some, it’s about waking up an hour earlier than normal. For others, it’s as simple as pulling away from television, internet, or gaming time and doing something worthwhile with that time. This is the most important daily activity that you can do other than actually going forth and spreading the Gospel.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve read the Bible. I’ve read Genesis, Matthew, and the Revelation at least 30 times each and I will continue to read them. If I live another 80 years I will have to find some way to get my hearing aid plugged into YouTube (or whatever is available in eight decades) to get that Bible time in. This is that important. It must be done.

The Bible is a book of momentum. The Words, the Messages, the Meanings (both obvious and hidden) require constant exploration. Doing it once a week isn’t good enough. Taking long breaks from the Bible can be damaging. Every day. Every day.

Circumstance may arise. You might miss a day. Don’t let it happen often. Double up if you can. Don’t limit yourself, either. If it makes sense to keep reading and researching beyond the first hour, run with it.

Lastly, make sure that it doesn’t become a chore. If it gets to the point that you’re not longer really “hearing” the Message as you’re reading, then you may need to move to a different Book of the Bible. You may need to listen or read some Bible commentary from trusted sources (though no source is more trustworthy than what the Holy Spirit writes on your heart). If you must, take a day off. You don’t want it to become tedious but being tedious is better than missing out altogether.

Read it. The Bible can be more addictive than Harry Potter books, Breaking Bad, or Call of Duty.


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