Take My Hand Not My Life

A Biblical worldview of abortion and why we shouldn’t argue from experiences alone

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This election cycle has brought abortion back into the national spotlight where it belongs. Unfortunately, it was barely mentioned until the final Presidential debate. Even worse, the answers from both candidates were different degrees of wrong.

We’re not here to judge whether Donald Trump’s unwillingness to go beyond nominating conservatives in his “fight” against abortion was good enough. We’re not even going to condemn that militantly pro-abortion perspective that Hillary Clinton has adopted. Instead, we need to have a better understanding of the nature of the fight we face.

First, here’s a 42-minute video of Voddie Baucham discussing the issue followed by my input. If you have to choose between the two for the sake of time, watch the video. His perspectives are much more important and compelling.

Here’s what we need to understand. We will never be able to win the war against abortion in America (and eventually the world) if we continue to fight from the wrong perspectives. The Biblical perspective is the truth and is very clear in its lessons. We have to start fighting from that perspective even if we’re not talking to Christians. The standard practice is for pro-lifers to argue from either personal experience or by taking on the moral question of life itself. We tend to use science to show that preborn babies in the womb are alive. We try to use statistics about how would-be mothers get depressed after abortions. We use personal stories of women who chose not to abort their babies despite pressure from their doctors and/or families only to have fulfilled lives as a result of giving birth.

These are the wrong core arguments. They have their place in the discussion, but they can’t replace the core Biblical perspective. Even for non-believers, the core Biblical perspective of a human’s right to live rings true through every reasonable ethical paradigm. A preborn child is a life that is unable to defend itself, therefore those who have the ability to defend it are bound to do so. Period. When we break from that perspective and start laying down guidelines about when life actually begins or what circumstances allow for exceptions to the rule of life itself, we’re fighting the wrong core fight. There’s nothing wrong with taking the fight to their turf; the isolation they create for themselves means that giving them home field advantage is our only way to make our argument in most cases. However, we are not obligate to only use the weapons they have given themselves: stories, statistics, and political definitions. Our weapon is the morality that permeates throughout history’s best established philosophies and that is made absolute through the primacy of our Bible.

The fact that they don’t agree with our Biblical premise does not mean we are forced to argue only based upon their premises. They can pick the venue. We must pick our own weapons and our own combat strategies. Otherwise, we’re going to continue to spin our wheels as we have been for over 50 years.


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