As Chinese Christian Population Grows, Diverse Sermons May Help Reach More

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Chinese Christians

There are challenges faced by Christians in China that are different from the challenges of Christians in the western world. It isn’t just the oppression from an unfriendly government. The convergence of diverse lifestyles makes it important for churches to tailor their messages for different needs.

One proposed concept is to have multiple sermons that address the issues of specific types of people.  Is this the right course? 

China’s top Christian authority is encouraging tailored and flexible sermons, as traditional ways of preaching may not answer the needs of rural believers migrating to cities.

Along with other migrant workers, a large number of Christians have moved to cities from rural areas amid rapid urbanization, said Elder Fu Xianwei, chairman of the National Committee of Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China, one of the two major Christian associations in the country.




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