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Christianity in America is Not Dead, But it’s More than That

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I like Ed Stetzer. He’s one of the few “popular” Christian figures who does a nice job of promoting the truth about face. Nine times out of ten, I agree with his assessments. His last big piece has something that is not exactly correct.

The message is proper. The understanding of the numbers is much better than pretty much everyone else out there who has been declaring the fall of Christianity in America even before the Pew Research study showed some “alarming” numbers. He missed one major point, though.

Children are not being raised in truly Christian environments as they once were. One does not need to look at statistics to know this is true. Culture has accelerated the decline in faith-based parenting. I was one. My parents allowed me to go to Sunday school and occasionally went to church (I think) when I was very little, but we were not a church-going family. I found my true faith in high school, progressing through college, and then as a parent I actually became saved. It was an interest, a compulsion that drove me in the early years, but it finally manifested itself later in life.

My wife was in the exact same boat. Her parents would take her to church on Easter. Otherwise, there wasn’t much faith in the household. I tell you this because I believe it’s the model for true revival in the country. It’s not those caught in a cycle of going to church who will turn the tide. It will be those who change the trend within their family tree, who realize that the truth of Creation and the Salvation offered only by Yeshua – they will be the ones who can allow change for the future.

We must not allow flawed statistical analyses like the ones surrounding the Pew study to make us lose hope, but we must also not allow our guard down based upon interpretations from the other end of the spectrum. This is a battle. We already know we will win in the end, but it’s our responsibility to bring this victory to as many people as possible until the time.

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