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Why Christians Should Defend Israel Politically

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It’s easy to be anti-Israel. It seems that everyone from celebrities to politicians, forum comment trolls to social media gurus are generally more supportive of Hamas than Israel.

For reasons that we’ll discuss later, blaming Israel and the Jewish people in general has become “hip” amongst young people while old anti-Semitic feelings have been brought to the surface in the older generation because, well, it’s more acceptable to have those thoughts than any time in the last three decades.

Before we explore more deeply in a future article, let’s make a distinction. This is not about being anti-Mulsim rather than anti-Jew. As Christians, we view Mulsims, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, and even Jews as fellow brothers in this life who should be shown the truth of Jesus Christ rather than people who are enemies. That is how we should view the people themselves, the individuals.

The political enemy in this case would be those who want to strike down the nations of Israel and the United States, who want to take over the world to spread Islam, and who are being led by forces of darkness. The political enemy is Hamas. It’s ISIS. It’s the Iranian government. It’s other emerging and shifting world powers that guide or force their people to go against the God of Israel, the Father of Yeshua, the Creator of the universe.

Another thing must be understood before we dive too deeply into this. The Israeli government is not perfect, though currently their goals are aligned with what true Christians should be feeling. They want a few things to happen:

  • They want the attacks from Gaza to stop and for the capabilities of Hamas to launch rockets in the future to be eliminated.
  • ISIS is currently not a direct threat, but it’s just a matter of time unless their current trajectory is dramatically changed. Israel is watching very closely because they know that when ISIS has established a firm hold on the lands they are currently attacking, they will regroup and turn their attention towards other places with Israel being the most obvious potential choice.
  • They want as much stability as possible in the Middle East, which means that they do not want Iran to continue their nuclear weapons program.

These goals should be shared by Christians. Whether or not you support the country itself, the religion of Judaism, or the Jewish people, you must support their cause politically as American Christians as well as other Christians around the world. Just as the Arab Spring was incorrectly believed to be a good thing for peace, prosperity, democracy, and justice in the Middle East, so too is the current trend of Hamas support and/or Israel-bashing an invalid perspective to hold.

The Bible is clear about Israel and the Jewish people. They are His people. The land they hold is His land. The threats that surround them are prophesied in the Bible and the outcome is not a pleasant one at first for the world. We need to support Israel as long as possible because going against Israel is going against the Lord.

It’s inevitable that more and more people will push against Israel. The media has turned against them. The United Nations has turned against them. Our political leaders have turned against them. What was once seen as an impossibility not too long ago is a fact today. The world is turning against the little country the size of New Jersey and asking them to give up the land that they won against all odds in the 20th century and that God has promised to them for millennia.

It will happen. The longer we can work together to keep it from happening, the longer we’ll have on this earth to spread the Gospel, to reach our loved ones, and to walk this earth with the full Armor of God reach as many souls as we can. We must support the nation of Israel politically by voicing our perspectives

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