Is Christmas Pagan

What Christians Need to Know About Christmas

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There has been an awakening over the past few years, particularly in western society.

More people are learning that Christmas and Easter have roots in pagan religions. Many are aware that much of the symbolism and the very origin of these holidays are tied completely against the Word of God. Unfortunately, most do have the perspective that the “spirit of Christmas” or the way that we feel in our hearts supersedes the truth. “It may have pagan roots, but that’s not what it means to me.”

This is a very false understanding. As Jim Staley from Passion for Truth Ministries says, it’s not what it means to us. It’s what it means to Him.

Christmas and Easter are misleading symbols promoted by the enemy to keep believers doing things against our Lord unwittingly.

The video below by Staley makes some really good points. It addresses much of the history of Christmas, Easter, and other holidays in ways that Christians need to hear. We do not agree with every piece of evidence nor all of the conclusions that Staley reaches, but the overall video is sound.

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