“Church” of Atheists Appeals to Earthly Fun of the Sunday Scene

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Initially, one might have be perplexed and confused when they hear about the rise of the “atheist church” across America and parts of Europe. After all, isn’t church supposed to be a place of worship and isn’t going to church on Sundays (or Saturdays) supposed to be an opportunity to worship God and learn more about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ?

Apparently, it doesn’t take a belief in God to make a Sunday Assembly, as it’s called. The concept has been around for a while but comedian Sanderson Jones and friends are organizing and spreading it around the world. Their goal is simple: to have a place where atheists can go on Sundays to assemble, learn life lessons, and be together.

They want to have fun. They want to enjoy the things that many Christians enjoy on Sunday in the way of fellowship and learning, only without the Bible. They want to build their own “Sunday scene” with like-minded people in the local area.

This might not sound too different from many of the other churches that profess Christianity but that veil their teachings in ways to be successful and happy in this world. That’s because it isn’t. Granted, there are likely plenty of saved people, true believers, that go to the “light” churches around the country and across the globe, there are still plenty that are misled into believing that it’s part of scripture to be successful, to live a “good” life, and to give bountifully to the church.

At least with the atheist churches they’re being honest (not that it will help them in the next life that they were honest about their disbelief).

Here’s Gary Stearman from Prophecy in the News giving his take on the “church”:

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