Distraction of the World

Coming Back from the World

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As many of you have noticed, we did not post very often throughout the month of April, 2015. After posting many videos and tons of articles for months, we fell pretty much off the map and posted very infrequently. We are sorry, but it made for a great lesson.

One of the biggest challenges that believers face in society is having enough time to dedicate to our Lord. Going to church on Sundays is not enough. We are to pray constantly, reach out, make disciples of the nations, participate in Bible study, fast, and pray some more. Our lives outside of our spirituality fall into the realm of this world, something the Bible makes clear that we shouldn’t do.

It happens. In our situation, an employee went on jury duty. It doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but in a company of fewer than 20 employees, every single person has a great influence. I chose to cover for this individual rather than pass off the work to others. Things did not turn out the way I thought they would (for example, a three day trial turning into a three week trial) but there’s a great silver lining. We learned a lesson that needs to be shared.

The adversary doesn’t have to make people do evil things. In fact, many of the tools of the adversary in today’s world are generally accepted to be good, not evil. The goal isn’t to make us do bad things. All he has to do is to keep us from doing what we’re supposed to do in spending a good chunk of our time worshiping our Father and spreading the Word of the Gospel. If he can keep us focused on this world, he has the best chance of keeping our souls from the next world.

The world has all of the distractions that he needs in order to make us take our eye off the spiritual. We are body, soul, and spirit. When our bodies are involved in this world, whether through work or other activities, it takes it away from walk of faith. Where the body goes, the spirit and soul tend to follow for now.

We are all tried in this area. We are all distracted. We are all pulled away from study, prayer, and fasting because of the responsibilities put onto us from the world. It is our duty to maintain a proper perspective, but everyone gets lost from time to time.

Here are a few things I have learned over the last month that I will implement into my own life to keep my body, soul, and spirit grounded in the pursuit, works, and worship for the faith:

  • Never Forget to Pray: Through prayer, we are strengthened. It is refreshing and powerful, but it is also a reminder to us that we must always worship our Creator. We are here for His pleasure and to help other souls find their way. Prayer every day, multiple times per day gives us the communication that we need with the Spirit in order to stay the course.
  • Fasting for Recovery: When the world takes your time and focus, a good fast can often cleanse your mind. It’s not just about the spiritual connection and the humbling effects of denying the body. It reengages the mind in spiritual activities and thoughts. A proper fast can help you recover from too much time spent in the world and away from our Lord and Savior.
  • Talk through it with Loved Ones: It’s hard for some to talk about faith, especially when those around us do not share our beliefs. This is why it’s imperative for faith to be the centerpiece of any marriage. When we get lost into the world, a loved one can help us pull out of it.
  • Get Back in the Game: When Larry Bird got into a shooting slump, he would do one thing: shoot more. That was his way out of it. He knew that slowing down and taking time away from it wouldn’t be good enough. For me, I posted such little content for so long that it’s important for me to get back into the game. That’s what we’re doing here. That’s the point of the article. I need to get back into the game of spreading the truth and I strongly encourage others who are in a slump to keep shooting.

It’s very easy for us to become vulnerable when we are stuck in the world. There is so much that can pull us away from our spiritual path when the world pulls us into it. Fighting through these times is so important to help us be grounded and to follow the right path.

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