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Of Course a Satanist Monument is Being Proposed in Oklahoma and that’s Okay

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There is no reason to be shocked and actually very little reason to be dismayed about the proposed monument for the Oklahoma Capitol that would depict a satanic creature and children looking up to it in awe. This is to be expected. In fact, it’s something that Christians shouldn’t really worry too much about.

It is part of human nature to depict things in the world through which we may remember and honor different events, people, and philosophies. When the Ten Commandments were depicted in 2012 on a monument at the Oklahoma Capitol in 2012, it was an invitation for other religions to call for equal treatment. These are distractions. Even the Ten Commandments monument itself is a distraction. It’s not placed there to make us remember the Ten Commandments. It’s a representation of the state itself, one that has a deep heritage of faith compared to most states. That doesn’t change the reality of this monument being unnecessary and potentially harmful.

We’ll assume that few if any would view it as in idol to be worshiped, though that is always a possibility. It’s a rallying call, not to believers but to those who would use it to promote their own agendas derived from their other religious views (or lack thereof). Monuments will not bring faith to our government. It would require the Will of God to be imposed for that to happen. As humans, we’re called to learn as much about the truth as possible and to spread it. Events like these are distractions, even when done in the name of faith.

I’m not suggesting that I would support a satanic monument. I’m just disappointed that people were naive enough to think that erecting the Ten Commandments monument would be a positive thing. Imagine if the time and effort used to erect a symbol would have been used to spread the Gospel instead.

According to CNN:

Satanists have unveiled their design for a proposed statue at the Oklahoma state Capitol, including a place for people to sit on the devil’s lap “for inspiration and contemplation.”

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  1. The 10 commandments stone table has satanic symbol’s on it too,adding the Satan statue and not recognizing the other has occultist symbols on it “the ever seeing eye of providence” a Freemason symbol plus the x below also Freemason,a Templar symbol as well, is a big hypocrisy I would recognize what was on the other one first before you go pointing finger at the other one

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