Do Not Underestimate the Importance of Subtle Blasphemy

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Playstation Greatness Awaits

When a person starts to see the evils of the world for what they are, that person often begins seeing it everywhere. It is so prevalent that doubts can emerge for some as they wonder if they’re being paranoid or if they’re falling into the same trap that led to events like the Salem witch trials.

While it’s definitely possible to be mistaken and to start seeing too many things as evil, it’s usually the other way around. There truly is so much in the world today that we’ve grown complacent. We’ve allowed them to be a part of our lives whether we know it or not.

This is a topic that deserves a much deeper examination, but in this particular post I’m going to focus on a simple example. The video below isn’t the most evil thing you’ll ever see. You may even have a hard time determining that there’s anything blasphemous, misleading, or dangerous in it at all. That’s the point. The obvious examples can be easily broken down and avoided. It’s the subtle examples that often slip by us.

The message is more important than the delivery method. Unfortunately, the delivery method of this particular message is very powerful. It’s a commercial for a popular gaming system release expected before Christmas. This two month old Playstation 4 teaser video is loaded with messages that leave a trace on children and adults alike who accept the message.

Many will say that it’s just a video, that it cannot have an actual effect on anyone. This would be a naive notion. Of course it has an effect. The combined effects from the multiple points of negative message transmission that many people are bombarded with throughout the day is like ants eating an elephant. The elephant wouldn’t even notice 1, 10, or 100, but once they start eating away at the defensive surface, getting under the skin and into the flesh, they can have a major effect. By the thousands, they can prove to be deadly over time.

Here’s the video followed by a breakdown.

Remember, it’s all about subtly and the messages that are being delivered. Here is the text. Read it and decide if this is paranoia or if the sprinkling of evil and misleading directions is real.

Who are you not to be great?

You – the imagination of a brilliant child and the powers of an ancient god – who are you to be ordinary?

You who can rescind life or raise the dead…

Who are you to be afraid? You can serve as judge and jury while hoarding infinite lives.

Who are you to be a slave to the past? You who can travel time like the oceans and rewrite history with a single word.

Who are you to be anonymous? You whose name should be spoken in reverent tones or in terrified whispers.

Who are you to deny greatness? If you would deny it to yourself, you deny it to the entire world…

…and we will not be denied.

The easiest way to deliver a message is to use distraction. In this case, Playstation used 35 “easter eggs” or hidden references to games in order to keep viewers focused on what’s happening in the background while the message is delivered. Here’s the breakdown of the easter eggs:

All in all, it’s pretty clear to me, but you may see it differently. The important thing to note is this – messages are out there. Subtle blasphemies are real. Don’t dismiss them. Don’t underestimate them. Be cognizant and you’ll have your best chance of handling them appropriately.


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