Documentary on Bible Prophecies Points to Possibilities About the Papacy and America

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It’s extremely important for Christians and Jews seeking the truth to use prayer and the Bible as the first and foremost methods of learning. There are studies, opinions, and other research that can help to point us in the right direction, but there are many more that are used to point us in the wrong direction. Arm yourself through prayer and faith by way of God’s Holy Word. Keep your heart open to the Lord whenever embarking on research that is based upon the interpretations of men.

We do like to give you different perspectives on prophecy that have not been fulfilled, because the fact that none of us know exactly who or what the antichrist is, it is a good idea to see alternative views in some instances for the sake of knowing deception and truth. We must be able to discern fact from fiction, and if we do not know the lies that are spread, we may not know what we are up against entirely.

The video below brings to light some interesting theories on the Papacy and its role. We don’t agree with much of what is said about this – but, the points we do completely agree with are how the Laws, particularly Sabbath, were not done away with once Yeshua was crucified. The Sabbath day was clearly changed for evil reasons, and one such point of agreement we share with this commentary.

The ideas in the first 30 minutes are important and informative. From there, it starts getting into the idea and attempts to prove that the Roman Catholic Church is the antichrist, the second beast is America, and the mark of the beast will not be a physical implementation. All these points are purely speculative and we do not hold to any of them as factual at this point in time. Nevertheless, we feel you must be aware that these are not uncommon views and something to consider whenever you speak to others about these subjects.

Watch this video carefully. Again, it is based on opinions, but there are potential truths mixed in that make it worth watching. Arm yourself with prayer and ask for guidance before and after. Let us know in the comments what you think.


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