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‘Evangelicals’ Who Support Trump Will Answer for Their Choice

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The question that’s being asked is how Donald Trump has been able to secure such a large portion of the evangelical vote. The real question is whether or not Trump’s supporters who claim to be evangelicals are actually just lukewarm Christians. True evangelicals would have to supersede their own faith with secular desires in order to promote a self-proclaimed unrepentant man as their leader.

Here are some points that true evangelicals should consider about Donald Trump:

  • His hotels lease space for strip clubs, promote casino gambling, and thrive on debauchery and fornication. The more that his patrons sin, the better off he is.
  • Lust is present in everyone, but Trump has made a show of not only embracing his lusts but of encouraging his followers to do the same. He has bragged in his books and on interviews about having sex with married women and is thrice divorced himself.
  • He never mentions Jesus Christ. Even President Obama invoked our Lord and Savior’s name, as did every President in the modern era. Trump is the only GOP candidate who refuses to even utter the words, let alone declare His Glory or praise His Sacrifice.
  • He stated in an interview that he believes he has never asked for forgiveness, that when he does something wrong he just “tries to do better.” This has been underplayed but represents an extremely dangerous doctrine for someone who is supposed to be leading this country back from the brink.

There are plenty of other indicators that he is the exact opposite of what an evangelical should support in its leaders, but those four are the most prominent. How can true evangelicals that believe in the centrality of the born again experience for receiving salvation idolize a man who clearly does not hold to the same doctrine? There are three primary arguments that are made by Trump’s “evangelical” supporters:

  • “His faith is separate from his leadership abilities.” This goes against everything that Bible teaches. While kings are not priests (with the exception of Melchizedek and Jesus Christ), the righteous leaders who can bring their country towards prosperity have been invariably beholden to their faith as they make decisions for their nation. Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan were arguably the most faith-based American Presidents of the last century and are conspicuously the two best (though Coolidge is obviously underrated).
  • “He claims to be a Christian and who are we to judge?” We are to know them by their fruits. Trump’s fruits have been to wholeheartedly embrace sin and deny repentance for his whole life. He only started mentioning God and the Bible during stump speeches in order to give evangelicals an excuse to support him. We do not judge him as a man but we can and certainly should judge his fruits when deciding whether or not to vote for him.
  • “Separation of church and state is the law of the land.” There’s no need to go into the history of the doctrine that was originally established to maintain the sanctity of the church as a separate entity from government even if it has been shifted in recent years to keep Christianity out of as many aspects of American life as possible. You either understand that or you don’t. What we can discuss about this is that no GOP candidate is promoting an unconstitutional shift towards a theocracy. Just like Reagan and Coolidge (and most other Presidents), the faith that allows for guidance from the Holy Spirit is what has made this country great. We have enjoyed prosperity as a gift from God, but the protective hand that has been over our Presidents has started lifting in recent years. Trump is as secular if not more so in his ideologies than President Obama. Nobody knows God’s plan, but we do know His doctrines and judgments. Trump may represent the true end to our protection as a nation.

Everyone is a sinner. Not everyone makes money on promoting sin. Donald Trump’s success has been based upon catering to the sinful nature. The more people sin at his hotels’ strip clubs, casinos, and nefarious business ventures, the more money he makes. How any “evangelical” can support his liberal agenda and pro-sin narrative is a question that they will all have to answer at the end.


  1. Fantastic article, it cuts to the heart of Trump’s brand of “Christianity” and what God actually asks of us.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Matt, I think you got it all wrong, people should vote for Donald Trump because Trump supports Christians values, unlike the democratic party that supports the abomination of God, hillary clinton stands against Christian values and God. She says she is Christian, but is not, if she was a Christian she would not be standing against those things that be of God

  2. For a bit of information about Donald Trump, he is Methodist and his kids,unlike lying hillary has of yet to say what faith she is.

  3. Hillary clinton will say she is Christian but by her fruits will say otherwise. She supports abortions, gay marriage,and laying aside her faith to support such things, by all means please do tell when was the last time anyone saw hillary in a church or saying she supports the Christian values? Please do tell? Unlike Donald Trump which has a bible in his jet plane and go’s to church every Sunday with his kids, he is of the Methodist faith.

  4. This is money of ill-gotten gain, which I believe is referred to in the Bible as a sin. I was raised with basic Quaker-Christian values, one of which was that gambling just isn’t something you do, because God sees this as a sin. I am guilty of buying lottery tickets, and every time I did I actually felt guilty afterwards. God wants us to earn money the old fashioned way, through work, or if one is disabled, through benefits. God doesn’t want us to make money through gambling. It only brings guilt, shame & sin. Try to be strong & avoid the casinos.

    1. Mary, can you give the book and chapters and verses as to where gambling is a sin. For I like to read about it so I can give to other peoples.

  5. I agree – neither Trump nor Clinton were viable candidates. He is horrible. But SHE is far worse. I prayed a lot over my choice. And the Bible says that God places in authority who He will, and they all (even the evil ones) serve His purpose. Now that Trump is president, as believers it is our duty to pray for him, that the Holy Spirit will open his heart, soul and mind to a true walk with God through Jesus Christ, and will give him wisdom as he leads our country.

  6. How is such repulse for Trump. Would you rather have Clinton who sacrfices children to Molech. Or a liar who allowed innocent lives to be taken in Benghazi.

    1. Did anyone one in here vote for a president this November. If so you are also accountable, According to the article. Doesn’t make much sense??

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