The Freemasons and their Ties to Lucifer

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For those on the inside, the organization of the freemasons is one that is fighting for a worthy cause. It’s not necessarily a good or bad cause that they’re fighting for from their perspective, though most within that realm start to understand better as they progress that it’s the forces of evil that they are serving. The basic concept that often compels people is they are misled to believe that what most consider to be evil is good and visa versa.

In his lecture titled, “The Antichrist, Freemasons, and the Third Temple: Satan’s Scheme to Be Worshiped on the Mountain of God,” Bible scholar Douglas Hamp sets the stage from the casting out of Lucifer from Eden all the way through to the end goal of the dark one. He portrays the freemason organization as a tool of Satan to eventually bring about the rise of the Antichrist. As one of those tools, they are set to bring about various events throughout history that will harm everyone from individuals to entire countries in an attempt to mislead them against the people of God.

It makes for an interesting watch. As the world is propelled by “unknown” forces towards lawlessness, the efforts of the freemasons under the hand of their puppeteer, Satan, can be clearly seen by those willing to look closely.

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