Google’s Quantum Computer May Point People to God

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Google's Quantum Computer

This is a stretch of a theory, one that will not only be hard to prove but that will also draw many to become even more militant against Christianity and creationism. The theory is this: when Google (or whoever does it first) finally builds the first true quantum computer, it will come to conclusions that can only be reconciled by the presence of God.

Don’t worry. It won’t make the news. In fact, it will be suppressed. The good news is that some will see and understand the implications and it will give them a chance to question the world view they have been programmed to believe. This isn’t enough for salvation, but it’s a good step to take towards looking in the right direction. In short, it will hopefully help some, particularly those in the scientific community, take a moment to consider the possibility that the Bible is true. If they can take that leap, they might just land into a world of belief in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

First, we need a quantum computer and Google might just on the verge of helping to build one.

Again, it’s important to note that this project will not yield a mass disclosure. The best case scenario is that it will bring people of influence to the truth and that they will then help to spread the truth. Sure, there may be a documentary on the Discovery Channel or a slanted news flash on mainstream media, but the realization that some come to through quantum computing that the world could not exist without the presence of a divine Creator will never be proclaimed loudly or spread to the world unless that is God’s Will.

If it is, we haven’t comprehended that in the Bible. We have been shown the the mass realization will happen with the second coming of Christ. This means that quantum computing will only affect a small number of people initially but it’s our hope that these people will spread what they have learned to other people and that souls will then explore the Bible as a result. There’s no way to know if this will be the case. It may never make it passed a handful. It’s even possible that we may never hear about it at all.

One of Satan’s best tools is ignorance. Through ignorance he is able to cast doubt on Biblical concepts and send people down the wrong path. For example, the theory of evolution keeps the veil over many peoples’ eyes. It isn’t proven. It cannot be proven. It does, however, fit nicely into our worldview because there is no way to truly disprove it from a scientific perspective today. That makes it persistent.

Quantum computing will be able to find the fallacies and reveal it as impossible. Today, we have theories to back up theories to promote other theories that then lead towards evolution as the answer. Fortunately, nothing, not even carbon dating or any of the fossil record can be used to disprove creation. It has been tilted in a way that can cast doubt in the feeble of faith, but it cannot disprove it (for obvious reasons). A true quantum computer, in theory, could analyze the data surrounding evolution and come to a near conclusion based upon probabilities that evolution is virtually impossible. It could then apply the prophecies associated with Jesus Christ and come to near the probable conclusion that He must be the Messiah spoken of by the prophets of the Old Testament.

One of two things could happen. Either the computer reveals this truth and it gets suppressed or forces more powerful than man could wreck the projects altogether. This will all take much longer to describe in this blog post, but I will release it anyway on the day before Google releases their movie to the public surrounding their progress with quantum computing and the possibilities it would create. Here’s a bootleg version from YouTube that may give you a sneak peek at it – no telling how long it will be before the video is taken down. If it doesn’t play, then that means it was removed. You can then find the video here. Google has posted the official video below.

I will write more on this subject when time permits (it’s a huge topic that would take more than a simple blog post to do it justice), but in the meantime, here’s their video:

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  3. not sure which part of the video you do not understand. The existence of a quantum computer means there is isn’t a need for a god, like it is stated in the video about the multi-verse theory. Btw evolution and natural selection can be observe in our life time now, in smaller mammals and micro organism. The theory of evolution is used to predict virus and bacteria strands and prevent them. If the theory of evolution is false, we would not be able to make predictions so accurately. The theory of evolution was uses to solve world hunger issues by selective breeding. Haven’t you heard of the bacteria evolve to break down nylon?

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  8. “Our current computers are very finite, single-reality-bound, machines, in that they can only see location as either here (1) or not here (0).
    Quantum computers (also currently being developed by The Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo, Ontario, CA; and D-Wave Systems, Inc., British Columbia, CA) use basic information units called qubits made of ions, photons, atoms, electrons and molecules. Because quantum computers utilize the phenomena of superposition and entanglement they can then can read 0 and 1 simultaneously. That means that a quantum computer can work on a million computations at once, both here and there, while our desktop PC’s can only work on one, here. A quantum computer then, relies upon accessing the infinite to solve problems created here in the finite.
    God’s faithful Biblical emissaries have been doing this for centuries.”

    Excerpt From: Mike Stair. “On Earth As It Is In Heaven.” iBooks.

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