Headship of a husband must be earned

Headship of a husband must be earned

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The Bible is clear about the roles of men and women within a family. The man has headship over the family. He is to be the spiritual leader that drives a family’s spiritual growth.

But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.1 Corinthians 11:3 (KJV)

But there’s a catch. Women are meant to accept the headship of their husband with the understanding that the man is following the headship of Christ. When a man displays tendencies that he isn’t following Christ the way he should be, it negates the woman’s requirement. This may be controversial to some, but throughout 1 Corinthians the theme is give and take, if this then that. Even in this verse alone we see a conjunction of the ideal – God is head over Christ, Christ is head over man, and man is head over woman.

The first of the three cannot be broken as Christ is perfect. The second is where flawed human can break down the relationship. If man is not properly following the headship of Christ, it is not proper for the woman to follow the headship of that man. He is the conduit between Christ and the woman, and if he is not a proper conduit then the connection between woman and Christ is broken.

It’s easy for a man to point to 1 Cointhians 11:3 to demonstrate his headship over his wife, but if he is not fulfilling his role of following the headship of Christ, he should not expect his wife to follow his headship.


  1. Who am I to Tell Them?
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Book #3 of In That Day Teachings
    Copyright 9/26/08 http://www.inthatdayteachings.com

    One preacher thinks it’s money and fame,
    Another thinks it’s verse,
    Another preacher thinks it’s TV programs,
    Another, his big church.

    I try to tell them it’s not exactly,
    Any of those things,
    But who am I to tell them?
    Just the King of Kings.

    Another preacher says it’s miracles,
    And they can drum them up,
    But I’ve never seen any of them,
    Make wine in water’s cup.

    Another preacher says it’s Christ,
    And Him crucified,
    Such kind like Me quite dead,
    Not one very much alive.

    I’m alive to tell preachers,
    What to say and do,
    I’m alive to tell preachers everything,
    But who listens? A few.

    The majority that don’t hear Me,
    Miss quite a lot,
    They think they have everything but,
    Their King they haven’t got.

    Instead they have troubles and religion,
    While convincing sheep they don’t,
    Sheep eat their troubles and religion,
    Until truth is something eat they won’t.

    So down is up and up is down,
    In your troubled land,
    If My preachers would listen to Me,
    They would understand.

    But they are complete: busy,
    Telling people what they know,
    About Me, I can’t get them to hear,
    When I say, Stop or turn or go.

    Everywhere dead preachers preach,
    About My resurrected for them life,
    Everywhere dead sheep listen,
    To dead pipers’ un-vivacious pipes.

    I try to tell them they’re focusing,
    On satanic, deadly things,
    But who am I to tell them?
    Just the King of Kings.

  2. Jump, I’ll Catch You!

    By Robert Winkler Burke 775-690-7293

    Book #12 of In That Day Teachings

    Copyright 10/20/18

    (“No man can be the judge in his own case.” – James Madison)

    (“When I return, will I find faith?” – Jesus)

    (“Trust the Plan.” – Q)

    Jump, I’ll catch you,

    Me, just five, heard my daddy say,

    Jump, I’ll catch you,

    Then, and then! He went away.

    Yes, a VERY strange dad was he,

    He said the same thing to my mom, his wife,

    Jump, I’ll catch you, Mon Cheri,

    Then, and then! He went away (What strife!)

    You gotta always have,

    Our dad told us, a good Plan B,

    You gotta always have,

    A skeptical mind, can you see?

    You want to make it in this big world,

    Think: How am I now being used?

    Love every man, woman, boy and girl,

    But stay smart and unconfused!

    They’re going to, I guarantee it,

    Going to put you in a bad-for-youdeal!

    God love you if you can see it!

    Do not let theirbad, your future steal!

    Dad died early, but – oh my!– very rich,

    Mom didn’t lose a penny, she doubled it right quick!

    Wolves and scam artists, she gave the nix!

    She always used dad’s “Jump, I’ll catch you” quip!

    Mom’s now been passed away gone,

    Oh, about twenty-five years…

    Now I’m the double rich one,

    My eyes have happy tears!

    I’m busy teaching the old get-your-plan-Blesson,

    Sons, daughters, grandchildren: open ears and listen!

    Jump, I’ll catch you! (With you I’m messing!)

    If you can’t trust me? Huh?Keep victory’ mission!

    Think for yourselves, love!

    God and heaven smile above!

    Who has the MOSTlove?

    Dad? Mom? God above?

    Jump-Jump-Jump. And jump well!

    In this world, you can never tell,

    Jump! Will it be on Earth… hell?

    Plan B, C, D, E… ring the bell!

    Better than always losing,

    And saying, Oh well,

    Plan A to Z choosing,

    Avoids Pell-mell!

    Jump! Beloved,

    One, but jump with smart plans and rightly!

    Jump! Beloved,

    Skeptic, but jump with kindness: mightily!

  3. I believe the heading could have been “The Headship of a Husband Should be Nurtured and Not Misused”. The Bible declares that the husband is the head. It does not say that he should work to earn the headship. The wife respects that headship as long as the husband maintains obedience to the Word of God e.g. loves his wife and does not abuse her.

    I have heard arguments both ways in which women insist on husbands loving them so that they can submit to them and vice versa (men saying women should submit to them so that the husbands can love them as Christ loves the Church). Both arguments miss the point. Each person is to obey their part and not justify one wrong with another.

    It’s only in situations where one party is at an extreme in disobedience to the Word, that the other party has an option… It’s similar to the issue of separation in marriage.

  4. Oh how very very wrong! So as soon as a husband is deemed the perfect husband, his wife is then and only then required to adhere to Gods vow of Genesis.

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