Homeless Can’t Find Refuge at Church (not if the authorities have anything to do with it)

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Homeless in Car

If we were unsure why Yeshua spoke against the laws of man so strongly, we need look no further than our own cities or communities.

Unfortunately, rarely the law of man seems to take into consideration what our Creator would want, let alone His Commandments. As a result many of the needy are displaced or ignored. In this case, the zoning laws have taken precedence over those who are in need of shelter and a helping hand. There’s a good chance the church will lose its battle over allowing this to take place on their property.

The article states:

This is the second time that Vista-based Cornerstone Church has allowed the nonprofit, Dreams for Change, to operate its program in their parking lot. An earlier effort a year ago was halted when the city said the program was illegal and fined the organization.

Vista’s Assistant City Attorney, Jonathan Stone, told the church in a letter last week that it is not authorized to operate an emergency shelter. Further, he asserted, that despite Cornerstone Church’s allegations that its religious freedom is being infringed upon, there is legal precedent where churches have had to follow municipal zoning regulations.


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