Daniel 70 Weeks

An Interesting Commentary on Daniel’s 70 Weeks

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We try to keep a very closed mind when it comes to scripture. It makes it challenging but it’s necessary because there are so many bad commentaries out there that twist and manipulate the Word of God in ways that simply shouldn’t be done. In this case, we’re open to the ideas found in the video below.

It shows a slightly alternative view to what many commentators use as their understanding of Daniel’s prophecy of the 70 weeks.

This cannot be stressed enough: do your research in prayer and by following the Holy Spirit. Take nothing as gospel except for the Gospel. There are many bad teachings out there. Hopefully, this short one falls under the category of being a good one. We have not vetted the person who made the video nor checked the dates and facts referenced. It’s just a quick urging in this direction. From there, you must make your own choices about its validity.


  1. From south africa;
    I am so gratefull i “discovered” your website and as a layman want to share some thoughts on Daniel’s 70 weeks and the rapture.
    This video is a beautiful confirmation of my understanding of the 70 weeks and i felt distressed that i could not find any confirmation on this interpretation in mainstream christianity.
    1. The criteria/reason for the 70 weeks (9:24) was fullfilled in Jesus in the minutest detail. Read Hebrews.
    2. The 70 weeks came to a closure 3 1/2 years after the crusifiction when stephan was stoned. The jews finally closed the door on their Messiah. Thereafter the gospel went to the gentiles and it was hardship for the jews all the way to this very day.
    3. I could never understand how this prophecy could flow for 69 weeks, pause for 2000 years and then the 70th week “kicks in” to come to a closure at the end of this dispensation.
    4. Jacob Prasch teach an interesting point: prophecy has multiple fullfilments hence i believe the last 3 1/2 years of the prophecy will play out again in the time of antichrist.
    5. Except for the prophecy of the the 70 weeks, i do not see a seven year period assigned to the antichrist in the remainder of Dan or Rev. Only 3 1/2 years is mentioned.
    6. The scripture that realy moved me in my understanding is 2 Thes 1 to 3 with emphasis on verse 3. The gathering of the saints unto our Lord will happen only AFTER the son of perdition has been revealed.
    If the belief that Dan 9:27 is about the antichrist, then these 2 bible references contradicts each other since the pre-trib believers believe the rapture takes place just BEFORE the antichrist is revealed while holding on to the interpretation that verse 27 is actualy about the antichrist. It does not add up….
    7. Dan 9:26 refers to the people of the prince to come, will destroy the temple. So who were these people….. Josephus writes that the region around Jerusalem consisted of a multitude of people, many arabs, who served under rome. These arabs served in Titus’ army and they behaved out of control when jerusalem was taken and the temple destroyed.
    Thus the people who destroyed the temple were arabs and the antichrist has to be the same.
    8. I believe Math 24:29 to 32, the sixth seal, 2Thes 2:1,2, 1 Thes 4:16 and 1Cor 15, all points to the same event but Mat 24:29 is the key …. after the tribulation of those days ….
    9. As christions (speaking allso about myself) we can get so occupied in trying to match what we see happening in the world, with prophecy, that we forget to build and nourish our relationship with our heavenly Father, Christ and the Holy Spirit.

    A last thought on the concept of pretrib: while many self professed christians in first world countries (not all) sit comfortable in their cosy chairs enjoying tv programs, dream about a new boat, bigger house etc, the Lord will come and rapture them away so they can have even more comfort and enjoy more bliss …. some of these people enjoy what they have so much, they wish the Lord would tarry a little longer.
    The tribulation will surely result in people having their priorities right.

    Thank you all for your dedication in maintaining this website.

    Greetings in Christ.

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