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Jackie E. Hill’s Jig-A-Boo: Amazing Christian Poem Performance

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Modern poetry is all too often associated with a liberal mindset. Poetry is more controlled by the worldly youth today than ever before. The way that it is presented, the subject matter, and the poets themselves often seem so attuned to the hyper-realities of this world that it’s difficult to find true Biblical messaging and proper exegesis of the Scripture without going to popular Christian music or attempts of taking the message of our Lord and lightening it up to fit today’s worldview.

Poet Jackie E. Hill breaks all of those generalities. She is youthful but her words betray a wisdom beyond her years that has been guided through hardship and suffering, harnessed into brilliance, and presented in the form of several stunning modern masterpieces. She has a gift for both putting the words together as well as presenting them in a way that has the listener hanging on every word. Most importantly, she rightly handles the Word of God and is fearless in her attacks on the “Christian personality” that harms those who crave the true Gospel.

Here is one of her performances. Watch it. Share it. Watch it again.

(This article is part of the Compassion and Fear Series)


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