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Judeo-Christian Church teachings coming soon

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Thank you to all who have been patient over the last year. After posting new teachings nearly every day for some time, we took on projects that pulled us away from this ministry. I know what you’re thinking because I’ve thought the same thing many times: “What can be more important than spreading the Word?”

It wasn’t about importance nor desire. The sabbatical we took from this site wasn’t meant to downplay its mission by allowing other things to supersede it. Despite the amazing support we’ve been given by many of you, this is still something that’s new to us. We’re neither traditionally trained nor formally educated in the faith. This has always been something we’ve been compelled to do, but when things entered our lives that better fit into our skill set, we prioritized them.

I never intended it to go this far. We were supposed to slow down on this site, but allowing it to screech to a stop was 100% my fault. Elections, business, and the building of a new political party all overcame me and I allowed them to pull too much away from this ministry. We will be correcting that error going forward.

Again, thank you all for supporting us. We pray that we’ll be able to return to full Biblical strength in our teachings in the coming weeks. It’s a transition… a little at a time. For now, I’m posting this as a promise to make the effort. What comes in the future will be based upon whether or not I’m able to keep the promise. If this is righteous, the Holy Spirit will guide us.

Thank you and God Bless.


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