Karim Shamsi-Basha

Karim Shamsi-Basha Among Many Muslims Converting to Christianity

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Karim Shamsi-Basha is a photographer as well as being the author of a touching and important book, PAUL and me: A Journey to and from the Damascus Road, From Islam to Chris.

You might have seen his story recently on Fox News. But, Karim’s story is not the only one. What makes this so important to share is the fact that many Muslims, depending on where they live,  are not granted the freedom to question their faith openly. Their conversion to Christianity would not be tolerated, and very well may lead to torture or death. Now more than ever it is important for former Muslims like Karim to come out and speak about their experience in order to help and give courage to others in their struggle.

We encourage everyone to do some research on the Muslims coming to Yeshua. Their stories and experiences are miraculous. Stories of visions and dreams of our Savior introducing Himself, showing them they are loved. Stories of healing, the list goes on. However, many do not understand that most Muslims are afraid of happiness, afraid to have peace, or a general fear that causes them to question many times throughout their life if they are doing what makes their god happy. But, they are not finding answers.

It can be as simple as making a gesture of love and kindness to make many fall on their face and realize who their Messiah truly is. Other times it isn’t as easy. But prayer, love, and patience is what is required of us – and that’s exactly what we need to show. Of course we are aware of the tremendous hate some have in their heart for Christians and Jews. But, they too need our prayer.

Many Muslims do not hold a close relationship with their god, although they so desperately seek it. Just like all of us.

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