Mark Correll Delivers Strong Speculation on End Times

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There is and always will be speculation about Bible prophecy. Many believe that the signs are more clear today than every before when it comes to believing that we’re living in the end times. We are given signs that we’re supposed to look for and many of them seem to be coming true more now than every before.

We’re always very careful to not use the word “proof” when it comes to Biblical prophecy. It is within the hearts of all of us to see the truth of our existence and our place in the world as it applies specifically to us as individuals. To some, these and other signs represent incontrovertible proof. To others, it won’t matter how specific Bible prophecy seems to be – they simply won’t believe without major help.

We stay to the center, not because we are against polarizing but because when it comes to prophecy, we cannot be sure what we’re seeing and if it’s actually happening the way it seems. With that said, much of what Mark Correll talks about in the video below makes an awful lot of sense.

Check it out:


  1. I absolutely LOVE Mark Correll!!! He teaches with facts, history & best of all, he is anointed by the Holy Spirit. His Revelation series (on YouTube) makes TOTAL sense, which is invigorating because Revelation can be confusing. Now I feel so much better….being able to understand the symbolism that Mark clearly explains makes a world of difference! Thank you for this article!

    1. Author

      Thank you for the tip, Kary. I admit, I was impressed with him and wanted to follow up by seeing more of what he was teaching, then got distracted. You found this post, left a comment, and now I’m reminded to look closer at his other works. I found the series on Revelation that you mentioned and will be watching it soon. As always, it’s amazing how our Lord moves to point us in the right direction.

  2. Thank you for uploading your servants , we have no such teachings here in rural Denmark

  3. I sat under Pastor Mark at the Cathedral of the Cross for about 16 year’s..He is the best , when it comes to knowing that Bible. I’m so Blessed to have been able to hear him for so many years..GOD BLESS YOU PASTOR MARK. ❤

  4. I would like to know if you are planning a Trip to Israel anytime soon..should THE LORD Tarry..

  5. Pastor Mark is a very Anointed Man of GOD.I was very blessed to have him as my Pastor at Cathedral of The Cross for many many years,AMEN,GOD Bless you and your family Pastor.

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