Matthew 10:32

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Matthew 10:32

Matthew 10:32 (King James Version)

Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.

It’s hard sometimes in today’s world for some people to confess their love and unfettered adoration for the Lord Yeshua. In just a generation it has gone from something that was expected to something that is shunned. Today, the lawmakers, the media, and many of the people have made it politically incorrect to be open about one’s Christianity. It is a time unlike any other.

In the early days from Christ’s ministry on earth until the it became acceptable to be a Christian, many were put to death for uttering His name. Today, fewer are dying but there are still challenges associated with doing so. The last few verses of Matthew 10 are profound in that it truly lays the expectation of one’s devotion to Yeshua. Love for Him must be stronger than love for anyone else, even family. Even self. Be strong in your faith and do not falter, even in public when society looks down on us. If someone threatens to kill you and your family for praising our Lord, rejoice, because it is an opportunity to stand strong in His love and move swiftly to His presence.Enhanced by Zemanta

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