Montgomery Police Turn to Christianity for Help Against Crime

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Montgomery Police Christians

Operation Good Shepherd is a program being launched by the Montgomery, Alabama Police Department that will put pastors at the scenes of crimes to minister to family and witnesses. The concept is simple enough – bring the power of the Gospel to people in times of hardship and need. It makes sense to try something like this in a city that has the third highest murder rate per capita in the country.

There are challenges. From a legal perspective, public funds are being used at a minimal level for items such as IDs and administrative costs. The pastors are all volunteers but they had to be trained by the police department, which puts publicly funded man hours into the project.

Leadership within many families in Montgomery is waning due to the high crime rate. Bringing God into the situation and allowing Him to enter the lives of the vulnerable is a worthy cause. This particular article takes a journalistic turn close to the end, casting doubt on whether or not this is a good idea, but the opening as well as the facts behind the project are worthy of a read.

Billy Irvin, a popular Christian radio preacher, took the pulpit at Montgomery’s City Hall on August 29 to address the city’s murder rate. He talked about a documentary he had recently seen about young, wild elephants running amok who were tamed by an older elephant.

“Once the older elephant was introduced to the pack, the younger elephants had somebody to look up to,” Irvin told the crowd. “They had someone to guide them. And that’s what our youth needs: someone to guide them. Without that, how will they know about moral structure?”

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