Never get pulled away from the faith Trust me its easier than most even know

Never get pulled away from the faith. Trust me, it’s easier than most even know.

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For years, I’ve felt very secure that my love for our Lord was so strong, nothing could ever pull me away from Him. In some ways, that has been true, but there’s a catch. Just because one’s love is strong enough to prevent them from being pulled completely away, that doesn’t mean they can’t be drawn away from Him while believing they are doing His Will.

I learned this the hard way. For the past two years, I’ve been engulfed in the world of politics in a way that I thought was beneficial to the faith. I fell into the trap of believing I could give a huge chunk of my life over to political endeavors that would eventually allow me to talk to a wider range of people about the Gospel. It’s the same trap that so many Christian entertainers fall into. They think if they perform songs or take on roles that help them get more popular, that they can circle back around later and reinsert their original calling of spreading the Gospel. How many Christian entertainers have we lost to the secular world?

Something held me back from completely getting immersed in the secular world of politics. Despite increasing reach and educating many people about the benefits of limiting government and bringing personal responsibility back to American government, I found that going any further would pull me too far away from the faith. That’s not to say there is no room for faith in politics, but making political gains that are substantial often requires putting aside the tenets of a Biblical worldview.

I’ve always known that a truly faithful walk in this life requires 100% of our effort. We are weak creatures. Sin surrounds us. It is especially powerful in the world of politics, but it’s present everywhere. That’s the nature of the Earth since the fall.

Piece by piece, the secular world will require us to remove the Armor of God. The deeper we go, the more our armor prevents us from navigating those waters. Inevitably, most if not all will shed all of the armor if they don’t turn back. I came close.

Piece by piece, I’m putting that armor back on.

My life is not my own. I gave it to my Lord and Savior, but attempts at success in the secular world motivated me to pull pieces of my life back to myself. Thankfully, I was awoken before it was too late. A warning to those in similar situations: Don’t go too far. Come back to the faith now. It’s too easy to lose oneself in this world.


  1. Excellent commentary and comment on life’s temptations for Christians. After 47 years in Christian life I learned at last the present church condition re: the pre-tribulation rapture lie of the Devil. Amazingly about 95% of the evangelical church at large is lead by pre-trib pastors and teachers. Learning the truth about the pre-trib error, (or lie) comes later in most of our sanctification and maturing process as a Christian and few come to that level at all. Only two bible references are required to make the pre-trib position IMPOSSIBLE, They are: (Jn 6: 39,40,44,54) and (1 Thess 4: 15-17). These are familiar to most Christians but never placed together by teachers. There is much more to know about this end-times important subject. If interested, contact me for much more documentation, scriptural support and corroboration, Ron Cook 602 758 3200

  2. Anybody ever got their faith beat up from whackadoodle Evangelical church excesses? Okay, then…

    To Which We Say, Hear! Hear!
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Book #3 of In That Day Teachings
    Copyright 10/3/08

    Each week I go down to my local dive,
    My friends gather near,
    We like to celebrate each Friday night,
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    We’re all pastors, men of the cloth,
    But denominations we fear,
    We’re rather independent Christian leaders,
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    We shun oversight and correction,
    At rebuke we leer,
    We’re too mature to be imperfect,
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    One says, Hardy-har! My brothers,
    I’m buying the beer,
    With my widows’ mite donations!
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    Another says, I’ll top that, maties,
    At the red light house near,
    We shall all go on credit but not pay!
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    Another says, Is there anything, friends,
    We wouldn’t do insincere?
    One said, We ask the poor to make us rich!
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    Thank God for TV broadcasting, he said,
    Where our eye is queer,
    Behold, what uncorrected broadcast can do!
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    I bought a twenty million dollar personal jet,
    Says one, Ooh that’s dear!
    Another says, I got a mega-million parsonage!
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    I’m a stage show hypnotist! I’m a mind controller!
    Our congregation we jeer.
    I sired a son, our new pastor, by my brother’s wife!
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    Nothing stops us from spiritual and literal adultery,
    We do it with whatever’s near,
    Nothing on earth really stops us from doing anything!
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    We all love each other so much,
    When we leave we shall shed a tear,
    We really can’t brag about each other enough,
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    Now we’re drunk and stumbling unable to tell,
    Just which is front or rear,
    Our tables are full of our own vomit,
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    Before we pass out in heavenly depravity,
    Or the police come in riot gear,
    We salute all escapology doxie enabling us,
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    We love eternal security, we love the rapture,
    We love Jesus to appear,
    Some day in the sky to reward our good works,
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    Those escapist doxies let us do anything,
    Even abomination is dear,
    We’re desolate of God, truth and all honor,
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    We believe Trickster-knowledgy Dominion Theology,
    With governments second tier,
    So our carnal appetites will rule the world with Christ!
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    We whoop and holler when the band plays our song,
    A country classic premier:
    “We’re All Here ‘Cause Our Doxie’s Not All There!”
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    Yes, betcha’ didn’t know that your pastors,
    Would from heaven so downward veer,
    Come believe with us nothing much matters,
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    That’s why we need so much money,
    For consciences to sear,
    It takes much propaganda to make lies the truth,
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    Come join us, never mind doctrinal verity,
    Look in the filthy bar mirror,
    Be in with the in crowd, be loud and proud,
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    My God, is it really that bad, you ask,
    Can you believe your ear?
    We think anything and live with our thoughts,
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    An unexamined life is really not worth the living,
    But such truth we smear,
    We smear all truths and exalt all convenient lies,
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    This is too clever, too unseen, to hidden, you say,
    For Christian believers mere,
    Antichrist leaders parade as being Christ everywhere,
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    But no party lasts forever, and one day judgment,
    Will come from a peer,
    You might ask us, Deep in our souls, did we know?
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    You, as inquisitor, just might ask for explanation,
    You’ll ask, Did for many a year,
    We go along and get along with all damn things?
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    You’ll say, Then this explains much: Why there,
    Often was imploding career,
    You never fixed your own doxies or bad spirits,
    To which we say, Hear! Hear!

    Later, you will look for the likes of us in heaven,
    A place that we now cheer,
    You’ll ask if we’re not in heaven, are we in hell?
    To which we’ll say, Here! Here!

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