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The world of Christian social media is both refreshing and endangered. The internet is a wonderful tool for spreading the Word, but it’s also the easiest way for the forces of evil to spread their word as well. We want to fight back.

Our experience outside of Biblical study resides in the world of digital marketing. We use search and social to help businesses grow; it’s through the blessings of these skills that we’re able to fund the online presence of our ministry. As such, we have always wanted to apply these skills to spread the real Word and promote the Kingdom of God.

Our Facebook page and Twitter profile are robust and easy to utilize. Videos are more challenging and time consuming, but we are committing to do more on YouTube because it is such a powerful medium for spreading the Word. To this end, we ask that if you like what we post and believe that the messages we put out are proper for spreading the Word of God, that you subscribe to our YouTube Channel (and follow us on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter, of course).

We will be making more videos, focused on world news from a Biblical worldview as well as modern Bible teachings (with a link to the traditional). Our hope is to revive the Judeo-Christian Church podcast, which fell off of our routine because of the effort. Hopefully, we will be led to do more with it in the near future, but for now the shorter videos that we’re producing regularly will hopefully be pleasing to our Father and helpful to you.

It isn’t easy to create a voice that can be heard through the cacophony of social media, but we aren’t currently called to reach the masses. We feel that we must do what we do to reach the individuals. If that changes, we will follow where we’re led, but today it’s about reaching those who the Holy Spirit brings, one soul at a time.

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