In God We Trust

Politics in its nature is unholy and should have no place within the church itself.

With that said, the politics of a country greatly reflect its morality. Politics and government have become a conduit for a nation’s values as well as developing its presence on the world stage. This plays a major role in our understanding of prophecy in scripture and helps us to determine God’s timeline. We must understand our role in light of current events as well as remaining awake so that we are not also deceived.

Essentially, while the church slept God was replaced.

Regardless of your possible political affiliation, the questions and misguided notions surrounding Christianity, Judaism, and the roll of governments across our country and around the world have been a hot topic in debate since before the birth of America. In the past governments have played a role in shaping the church, just as the church has played a role in shaping governments. The church in America at one time played a very important role in the limitation of government intrusion on its citizens. It’s no wonder then, that once the government was allowed to grow for the sake of the “greater good”, it found the church to be an obstacle in furthering its power.

In other words, when the church sleeps and relinquishes the values it once held, it becomes more conformed to the desires of government rather than to the word of God, and as a result the morality and direction of that country become subject to ungodly leaders. In turn the government quickly replaces the Most High; just as Satan wants to place himself above Elohim, the government desires to set itself as the authority in matters which it does not belong.  Therefore the country becomes corrupt, weakened, demoralized, and no longer receives the blessings and protection of its Creator it once held Sovereign. Thus, we can learn from our country’s current predicament and focus on the individuals who make up its body in hope of “waking up” those who are spiritually asleep.

Countries have risen and fallen based on their relationship with God. America is no different!


  1. This assertion is even more true as the U.S. Supreme Court has made “Same Sex Marriage” a constitutional amendment.

    This act, along with the many, many acceptable sins by believers and non-believers, will justly bring God’s rath upon this nation. There is no doubt in my mind that God’s patience is just about spent.

    This situation demands Revival by the Christian Community, that there are still people who can be saved by hearing the Good News of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We believers must not procrastinate any longer in our commission to spread God’s Word.

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