Boko Haram Children

Pray for Those Affected by Boko Haram

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The coverage of the atrocities perpetrated by Boko Haram has been shockingly low. Africa has always received limited mainstream press coverage from the west, but the threat of Boko Haram to the people of Nigeria and beyond is catastrophic and deserves more attention.

When violence in France took dozens of lives, thousands were being taken at the same time under a variation of the same Islamic flag, but you didn’t see world leaders flocking to Nigeria to show solidarity the way they did in Paris. Instead, it was given scant press. Is it that western culture simply doesn’t care as much about African lives as it does about European lives? Could it be that we’ve just become numb to the wars, oppression, and genocide that takes place in the continent? Is it so far detached from western culture that the ratings on coverage is simply too low for television?

Print and internet journalists and bloggers are starting to pay more attention. Here is a sampling of the stories that have been posted to Twitter in the last couple of hours alone:





As Christians, we must also focus out attention in the way of prayer for those who are being hurt by a group that is similar and potentially more dangerous than ISIS. They are training children to become murders. It’s the type of indoctrination that makes our western problems seem insignificant.

Pray for the children. Pray for the victims. Pray for success to those who would oppose Boko Haram. Pray for our leaders to step up and at least match the engagement with this evil entity to the engagement we are having with ISIS, though even that level of engagement is too low.

Pray for the people of Nigeria who are suffering beyond our western understanding. Pray that they may find the Lord and stay true to His teachings. It’s easy to be a Christian in the west. In Nigeria, being a Christian has a high cost. Pray that they persevere through the tribulations.


  1. I respect your opinion, but Paris was just another planned event by the Illuminati, and another false flag!!! 🙁 As was 91,1 in which they killed thousands, for their own evil purposes, and plans…Did you know their were a few floors that no one was in the day of 911? Who owned those floors? Why, none other than France and Israel! Hmm Why would no one be on their floors the day of 911??? Strange… Did they know something bad was going to happen on that day, why Yes, I believe they did!!!

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