Rand Paul Rightfully Defends Syrian Christians and Israel

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Syrian Chemical Attack

It is so hard to watch what is happening to the United States sometimes. It isn’t just the government. It’s the liberal media that makes it even harder to swallow.

When Kentucky Senator Rand Paul appeared on Fox News Hannity recently, he spoke the truth about the results of a rebel victory in Syria. He did not voice support for Assad, but he did warn of the consequences of a group led in part by Al-Qaeda taking down the current regime and sending the country into a civil war that would likely yield a radical Islamic government. He also addressed the “best case scenario” of a moderate Islamic government.

First, though, he addressed his concern with the rebels fighting the Syrian Christians and the challenge that puts the American military in should our involvement escalate.

“I can’t see fighting to impose sharia law in Syria. I also can’t see sending my son to fight with Islamic rebels against Christians,” Paul said. “I also can’t see my son going to fight on the same side as Al-Qaeda.”

Then, he addressed what the proposed small-scale attack could do to the region, particularly to our allies in Israel.

“If he launches this little piddling attack with a few cruise missiles, it won’t stop chemical weapons but it may well incite a gas attack on Israelis.”

Liberal journalist Julia Ioffe from the New Republic took offense to this and other comments that Paul and the conservative blogosphere has been making in regards to the Christians in Syria. Her article is a good read in its entirety, not because we agree with the points made but because it exemplifies the general position of the left-leaning media to highlight Islamophobia as the reason for the concerns. That has somehow emerged as the primary play they call often in their playbook when attacking conservative ideas about religion, but it is a guaranteed call when the concept of Christianity is used by politicians and conservative bloggers alike.

Read the article and focus on the final two paragraphs:

As my colleague Isaac Chotiner has pointed out, there is a rich vein of religious extremism on the right, we just don’t call it that because it’s Christian, because they’re our “nut jobs.”

Paul’s emphasis on Syrian Christians is more than a simple reminder of a neglected aspect of an already complicated situation. It sounds distinctly like the garbage about America being a Christian nation, like the unnerving evangelical support of Israel, like the not-too-subtle hum on the right that some lives, Christian lives, are simply more important than other, Muslim ones.

The situation in Syria is a huge concern and not something that the United States or the rest of the world can ignore anymore. Going on its third year, the likelihood of a positive and stable ending slip away more every day. However, we must look at the circumstance itself and try to anticipate the consequences of any action. Unfortunately, the proposed and likely actions are pushing towards the worst possible outcomes.

Hannity asked a question, “If in fact the President does this, Dennis Kucinich said we’re going to be using the US military to help support and back Al-Qaeda. It seems a likely successor would be radical Islamist with Al-Qaeda ties. Do you agree with that assessment?”

“Yes. They say that Al-Qaeda comprises about a third of the forces, that they’re the fiercest fighters, and if Assad is toppled, in all likelihood there will be a successive civil war, and in all likelihood Al-Qaeda may take over,” Paul replied. “But the other question is, what if the other Islamic, the ‘better’ Islamic rebels take over? You’ll still probably have sharia law. You’ll have Christians persecuted for blasphemy.”

Is there a solution that would bring about a positive outcome? Will inaction work? Is the first domino about to fall that could lead towards a massive expansion of the conflict throughout the Middle East? With the US, Russia, Iran, Israel, and Europe all on a collision course over this, could this be the triggering moment that leads to a global war?

Are we on the verge of the fulfillment of a clear and infamous prophecy?

Isaiah 17:1 (KJV)

The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

When Damascus falls, whether it’s tomorrow or in a hundred years, one thing is certain: the liberal journalists will find some way to dismiss the prophecy. Count on it.

Here is the interview with Paul:

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