The Only Real New Year’s Resolution to Make and Keep

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New Year's Resolution

2013 is behind us now. Many of us have made promises that we may or may not try to really keep. Others simply don’t take it that seriously – another day, another year. For those who really want to make an impact on their lives, the only real resolution that should be made and kept going into this year is to have complete and utter faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. All of the rest are pretty much worthless.

This is a message to the Christians and non-Christians alike, but the focus must be on those who are struggling with their faith. If you’re one of those people, you’re reading all of this for a reason. Make no mistake. There may only be one person that this is written towards in the whole wide world. There may be nobody who reads these words and acts upon them, in which case it’s a personal message. I try to read the Bible every single day. I pray and think about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and I grow more in awe with every passing moment at the tremendous gift we have all been given in this life. That gift is not just what we have here. This life is only important in reaching the next. Even this life, a test of sorts, is a gift unto itself, but it’s the type of gift that we must be willing to let go for the sake of our Creator.

Often believers and non-believers alike are looking for a sign of some sort. This may be yours. 2014 is a fresh start for you regardless of your situation. Take advantage of that fresh start today, right now. Commit. Accept. Repent. Pray. Keep praying. Believe. Build strength in your faith. Find strength in the faith of others. Spread your faith to those who need it and are willing to accept it. Every single moment of your life is an opportunity to accept Christ as Lord and Savior, to follow Him and to allow Him to guide your beliefs. Every moment is a chance to accept the guidance of the Holy Spirit that flows through all things and compels us. Are you listening?

Forget the resolutions of this world. If your goal is to lose weight, ask for help (and not in the form of a new age diet). If your resolution is to end and addiction, you can’t do it on your own. Ask for strength that can only come from above. The world will tell you that you can do anything that you believe you can do. They’ll tell you that there are things that can help, that can improve your life, that can take away your problems. Don’t believe them. There is only one way. One truth. One guiding force to salvation.

2014 can be your year, but only if you give yourself away to the Lord.

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