Christians Persecuted in Kenya

Remember Our Christian Brothers and Sisters Persecuted in Kenya

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As it seems to be in many other places around the world, Kenya is experiencing an increasing level of persecution against Christians. Somalia’s al-Shabab militants are targeting all non-Muslims in the northeast region of Kenya with an emphasis on Christians, going so far as executing them according to multiple news sources.

While many Christians in America rightfully pray for what we see and know such as the riots in Ferguson or localized challenges that we face on a daily basis, we must also remember that there are those who are facing worse situations just because they are Christians. Here is a handful of the atrocities that they are currently facing according to

In what the leaders describe as a dangerous trend, 64 Christians were executed in or near Mandera, a town on the border with Somalia, in the past three weeks. In both incidents, non-Muslims were separated from Muslims.

On December 2, militants shot 36 quarry workers. The militants asked workers to recite the Shahada, the Muslim profession of faith, and shot those who refused.

On November 22,  al-Shabab militants hijacked a bus and killed 28 non-Muslims, 21 of them teachers returning home for Christmas.

Remember them in your prayers. They need as much support as possible.

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