Scientific Proof of Creation

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Scientific Proof of God

In the first video and post of this three-part series, we discussed the question of “Is there a Creator?” For many, it’s all that is needed to come to the right conclusion, that we were created and that the God worshiped by Christians and Jews is the creator. The Bible makes it clear that creation, God’s divine dominion, and our place in the universe are presupposed. Basically, we already know that God is real and that the universe was created because it’s here and there’s no other explanation for it.

For others, it isn’t that simple. They need something tangible, something scientific, in order to come to a full belief. The reality is that they don’t need a scientist to run experiments to tell them that our Lord is our Creator. They simply need to use their own intellect with prayer-drawn discernment in their hearts in order to come to the right conclusion.

This video, the second of three, explores the proper way of thinking (with assistance through prayer) that will allow people to understand the truth. We don’t need scientific proof when we are first born in order to convince us to breath. It’s instinctively part of our makeup that allows us to not die when we come out of the womb. The same is true for knowledge of our Creator. We already have it. It’s our intellect being played like a fiddle by the machinations of deception that Satan has planted and cultivated in the world that buries the knowledge below our consciousness and covers it up with lies so that we no longer want to explore it.

Some atheists and agnostics will watch this video and believe that it’s double talk, that they want hard evidence before they’re willing to drop to their knees and pray for discernment (and forgiveness) but they will miss one major point in their argument. IF it’s not true that God is our Creator, then they have nothing to lose by praying for guidance, thinking it through, and circling back around to their same conclusion. That’s the “nothing to lose” argument, but if they’re honest in prayer and thought, they have so much more to gain.

If you are searching for answers, they’re already there in front of you. Your mind is capable of seeing the obvious truth. Your God is capable of pushing away the cloud of deception that Satan has put over you. The combination can lead you down the path that has been waiting for you since before you were born.


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