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Through our studies of God’s holy word, we have been led to different resources that have helped us better understand. While we must not lean on the understanding of men, what we can do is trust that the Lord has given a few direction in His scriptures, which in turn can help and teach us what the Lord is trying to show.

We pray for direction and guidance each time we approach the scriptures. And each time the Lord has graciously answered, even from the least expected places. While we do not hold to the views of any particular scholar, we have found them to be very useful in our studies as a whole. It is our hope that they may help you as well.

We use the phrase “selected Bible scholars” loosely; many on the list would not even consider themselves to be Bible scholars. In essence, this is a list of people who have perspectives that can help us discern information from the past, apply these ideas to society today, warn us about what may be coming in the future, or a combination of the three.

Over time, we will be cataloging much of the work that these men and women have made available. This will be a growing list, so please let us know if we’re missing anyone that you believe has helped you and who should be considered. Check back often to see who else has been added to the list.

Selected Bible Scholars (Alphabetical Order)

  • Voddie Baucham – Voddie is a Gospel-focused Christian leader who energizes and chastises at the same time. His conservative views are often not accepted by many, but his willingness to stay true to the whole Bible makes him an important Bible scholar today.
  • Mark BiltzMark is a great pastor who we feel is passionate about our Messiah. His information on the Blood Moons is incredibly insightful and worth the listen
  • Stan Deyo – Stan has valuable information on the scientific perspective of the universe and how the world is changing, in relation to the word of Elohim – as well as some tips on how to prepare for emergencies
  • Douglas Hamp – Doug is fluent in both Hebrew and Greek. His teachings are very enlightening as well as helpful in understanding the Hebrew perspective of the Bible. We enjoy listening to him often
  • Chuck Missler – Chuck is a great scholar, even if we don’t agree on all his perspectives, we are very grateful for what he does and how he has helped us with the historical background on many chapters of the Bible – both Old and New Testament
  • Steve Quayle – Steve has wonderful information on the “Giants” of the Bible, and we’ve learned a lot from what he has provided
  • Chris Rosebrough – Chris is very good at pointing out false prophets, overly sarcastic at times, but nonetheless he keeps us up to date on some who are spreading false messages
  • Trey Smith – Trey is undoubtedly eccentric in how he presents the information he has gathered, however the information we’ve seen thus far has been quite enthralling to say the least – and helpful
  • Jim Staley – With his idea of “doing Bible things in Bible ways,” Jim Staley and his Passion for Truth Ministries tries to make sure that we stay true to the teachings of our Hebrew roots by looking at the Bible from a perspective that is closer to the source – the 1st century church.
  • Dan Wallace – Dan is a professor of New Testament Studies in Dallas. More importantly, he founded the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts through which he takes advantage of his training in textual criticism to help demonstrate that the Bible is a divine, protected text inspired by the Holy Spirit.


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