Chris Rosebrough

Chris is very good at pointing out false prophets, overly sarcastic at times, but nonetheless he keeps us up to date on some who are spreading false messages. He has a distinct edge to his demeanor as he does the important work of a daily podcast, Fighting for the Faith.

His structure and style of messaging is extremely well practiced. Over the last five years, he has done an excellent job of fearlessly challenging the popular sermon methodology of the times. He is a stickler for being true to the Bible in all teachings and catches pastors and false prophets regularly who take messages from the Bible out of context to contort them to suit their own needs.

Why We Like ChrisNobody would ever doubt his convictions. He can be overly sarcastic but it’s not an insincere sarcasm. He is truly offended by the false teachings that many of today’s pastors and “pastrixes” are spreading. He believes in the Bible first and foremost, believes in living a life of a repentant servant, and fights the good fight in ways that most would avoid.

(Check back often as we will be updating Chris’ page regularly)

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  2. Though I agree with you on most of what you preach, there is one thing I don’t believe you are correct on and that’s the part about women not being pastors/preachers in the church. I have a friend who is a woman doing Gods work

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