Jim Staley

Jim Staley leads Passion for Truth Ministries in Saint Charles, MO. We are now doing research on him and his doctrines, but early indications are that he’s someone worth hearing. There’s a problem, though. He plead guilty to wire fraud charges based upon his actions in finance before starting his ministry. The teachings seem sound, but questions now arise about the messenger. Are they true and righteous, or are they tainted. We will not judge but would prefer to learn more as we go. Here’s his response to pleading guilty:


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  2. I have read that Jim Staley’s “Passion for Truth” ministries began in 2004 and his crimes began in 2008 which goes against what he claims in the video but this is taken from other Internet sites. There is a record of the official timeline and I’m sure that it is intact with the Prosecuting Attorony. What I do know and claim from the WORD is that if a prophet does not speak the truth he is a false prophet and a severe punishment is due him. In Biblical times I think it was stoning? Anyhow one of Jim Staley’s sermons regarding the Azazel goat is one of those messages meant to tickle the ears of the flock. According to Jim the Azazel goat was a byproduct of the Sons of God mating with the daughters of man but according to the WORD of God the azazel goat was the scapegoat of sacrifice. Two goats were used in the sacrifice. One was killed at the alter and the other was taken out to the wilderness with the hands of the preists laid on it and the sins of the people were imparted. The goat was then released into the wilderness. For this one lie of sensationalism Jim Staley is a false prophet and misleading the flock……A wolf.

  3. Well, he confessed what he did. If he’s broken the Law, he will answer for it in due time. I don’t consider him a false prophet, on the contrary, his teachings are right. I don’t know where he got them from (maybe from the 7th-Day Adventists), and I like to hear him.

  4. I have listened to some if his teachings, they are right on.


    Christ, us the only way we have righteousness….

    If you really look in your hand, you will see that YOU hold the hammer that drove the nails in His Hands… Just as my iniquities in my life did the same…

    So, some are saying he should have been stoned….. FINE, THE ONE WITH OUT SIN CAST THE FIRST……

  5. I’ve found his teaching to be sound so far.
    And in fact are deep and rich in revelation by Gods Holy Spirit.
    The word of God says listen to what they say but don’t do as they do.
    I’m following the word not Jim Staley. And Father has given him the word.
    But I shall not be casting any stones because a body of believers in Yeshua we are meant to forgive one another.
    We’ve all fallen short there’s none without sin no not one.
    He is are brother in Christ God can restore. Shalom.

  6. I’ll never understand people who cast stones at others who genuinly are trying to follow the teachings of Christ /Yeshua. Why do people not first and foremost look in the mirror and cast their stones upon themselves. God in Christ/Yeshua is our JUDGE AND NO OTHER so those of you out there jumping on the JUDGEING bandwagon STOP, if the mirror is clear of your OWN SINS AND wrong doing then by all means cast the first stone agaisnt this preacher, but, remeber when you give judgement, you are responsible for what you say and do and if you are proved wrong, then you’re the one who shall reap just rewards…………….

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