Pray for Rain in California

Should Californians Pray for Rain?

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The concept that people should do anything to affect something like the weather is not something very common in 2015. Few would ever think about it and even fewer would believe that it would work. To be perfectly transparent, we have never contemplated corporate prayer to affect anything outside of a request to pray for leaders to have discernment and proper guidance. Otherwise, the weather is the weather.

There hasn’t been a better time to try something new than now. There have been experiments with group prayer that have been shown potentially effective in changing things such as the weather, those these experiments tended to seem more spiritual than Biblical. In other words, the successes seemed to be a demonstration of the power of prayer rather than an attempt to honor and worship our Father, so we stayed clear of them.

With that said, we would love for people to participate, not so much in a group prayer but in calling to include California in your individual prayers. The drought is getting worse every day and there seems to be no hope in sight. Sometime in the near future, there won’t be enough water to support those in the state. Drastic measures are being put into place by the government but they don’t seem to be anywhere near enough.

If you could, please include California in your prayers. It’s important to pray for God’s Will as a solution rather than to pray for something specific. We do not have the capacity to understand how God solves problems like drought. The obvious way would be to pray for rain, but that would be presumptuous. For all we know, it could be snow. It could be an arrangement made with other states or even Canada to pump water down to California. It’s not for us to know how. All we know is that the water is drying up and people are being affected.

Will you pray? Thank you and bless you!

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