Donald Trump Destroying Christianity

Donald Trump has Spent Decades Destroying Christianity. Will the Faithful Nominate Him?

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A vote for Donald Trump is a vote against Christian values. There’s simply no other way to put it. Whether he’s a repentant follower of Jesus Christ (which he’s never claimed to be) is between him and God. That doesn’t mean that Christians should turn a blind eye to his actions and betray their faith by voting for him.

We’ve avoided the political spectrum for a while. After seeing “Evangelicals” giving Donald Trump a victory in South Carolina, we simply cannot remain silent any longer.

It is our prayer that at some point he asks God for forgiveness, repents of his sins, and accepts Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. In the meantime, we cannot fathom the mentality behind those who profess to be Christians but who turn a blind eye by embracing a man who has built his business and personal life around the promotion of sin and the destruction of Christian values.

Some make the argument that his actions as President will benefit Christians. They say that he’ll get things done and that’s more important than his anti-Christian history. Others say that he’s corrected his ways. To the discerning, this is a joke. It’s possible for people to change a perspective or two from liberal to conservative. It is unrealistic to believe that a many who has opposed guns, supported gay marriage, promoted amnesty, avoided the military, supported partial-birth abortion, embraced liberal economic policies, and held a slew of other liberal opinions can change ALL of them after spending his first six decades of life embracing them. If you believe this, you are, for lack of a better term, naive.

Let’s look at what he is doing today to promote sin and destroy a Biblical worldview.

Strip Clubs Thrive on Sin

As a man who actively promotes his strip clubs, the concept of him winning a single Christian vote is insane. As Christians, we should be fighting against fornication. Instead, many are encouraging it. Today, he pays women to display their bodies and dance erotically to generate as much sin as possible. He’s a sin broker. When Christian men and women abandon their faith and fall into sin at his clubs, Trump makes more money.

Casinos Victimize Through Temptation

The best case scenario is that casinos promote a temporary break for some people from their lives and going to them results in nothing very negative. The worst case scenario is that families and individuals are destroyed by their actions and additions associated with casinos. It is certain that Trump’s casinos have been involved in the falling away from the faith and the ruining of lives for many over the years. Once again, Trump makes money on other people’s misery.

Serial Infidelity Should Not Be Rewarded

In his books, Trump brags about how many women he’s slept with. He makes no attempt to pretend like none of them were married. In fact, he makes it very clear that many of the women he’s committed adultery with were married themselves. There was a time when infidelity could destroy a candidate. With Trump, it seems to be a positive.

No Signs of Repentance

When he said in an interview last year that had never asked God for forgiveness, this should have ended his candidacy in the United States of America. He is claiming to be less involved with a Biblical worldview than even Barack Obama. That alone should eliminate him. Now, true Christians should be completely insulted that he’s using the Bible as a campaign prop. It’s unfathomable.

One Heck of a Sales Pitch

We get it. The guy isn’t just rich. He’s one of the most skilled psychological salesmen that has ever been in American politics. Pray. Be discerning. Wake up!

No candidate is perfect, but Ted Cruz is the most aligned with the appropriate Christian values and Biblical worldview. We will be officially endorsing him in the near future.

Trump’s empire is not just secular. His success has been based upon direct attacks of Christian values. If Republicans nominate him, the party is dead. If America elects him, we have truly abandoned everything that has made us a great and blessed nation.


  1. You say a vote for Donald Trump is against the Christian values.

    If I may say, we have a president in office right now, that does not have any Christian values at all.
    And who you think voted him into office.
    Maybe you need to rethink your self on this one.
    I’m a Christian , but I do not vote for a person just because they are a Democrat or Republican, like alot of people do, I vote for the one that are in the keeping God’s ways.

    And not just because I am Democrat and they are Democrat.

    Or because I am a Republican and they are Republican.

    I vote for the person that is right with God.

    Hillary Clinton is just another Obama,that will take this country down the wrong path, she claims to be christian, just like Obama claimed, But to look at what they have done.

    Will tell they are not Christian at all.

  2. You say will Christians turn a blind eye and embrace Donald Trump.

    But you never said a thing about Obama who has done more against Christians and this country and blasphemy against God than any president we have ever had.
    But yet nothing is said.
    I have not heard Donald Trump say or do anything that is against Christians or the values of God.

    Christians knowing right from the first time that Obama ran for President what kind of person he is.
    But yet the Christians went right out and voted for him anyway.

    I believe the Christians will do the same with Hillary Clinton, knowing that she back Obama on all the things he did.

    So maybe you need to set down and rethink your self.
    About blasting Donald Trump.

    To say there are those that are running for president and are Christians, but yet Christians are not backing them.
    Like doctor Ben Carson who is Christian.
    But who do you think the Christians will vote for, it will not be for another Christian.
    If they are, then Ben Carson would not be slipping down in the poles.

    Just because Ben Carson is a seventh day Adventist, and worships on the seventh day, (Saturday) does not take away of him being a Christian and up holding the values that be of God.

    All I can say is. I vote for the man that is right with God.
    But then it’s all prophecy to be fulfilled.

  3. I am not an American but I am concerned about America. I believe it is under great attack from the enemy (spiritual). All Christians should unite and pray for the country (2 Chronicles 7:14). Concerning the elections, they should also pray for the “best” candidate under the circumstances to win according to God’s will.

  4. JD Rucker, you said if the Republican party nominates Donald Trump,the party is dead, and if America elect’s him,we haved truly abandoned everything that has made us a great nation.

    Well I think that is already happing, ever since America voted Obama back in the second time around.
    Knowing full well what Obama stood for.but yet the so called Christians went right back out and voted for him again.
    So if you want to put the blame on someone, put on those who call themselves Christians and are not.

    A true Christian would not vote for anyone that stood against the morals and values that this country was founded on.

    The first thing a person would have to do is throw out those pastor’s and preachers, that call themselves men of God and are not, but the ministers of unrighteousness, the fault lays with them for teaching the commandments and doctrines and the traditions of men.
    “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
    Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works” 2 Corinthians 11:13-15.

  5. Again you put them blame on Donald Trump’s casinos unto which is not right at all.

    No one is holding a gun to anyone forceing them to gamble.

    You do know that even the disciples of Christ Jesus cast lots to see who would take the place of Judas.
    Acts 1:24-26.
    This being a form a gambling in those days.
    It’ s like flipping a coin to see who would take the place of another, this is gambling is it not?

    Therefore if I walk into a casino and put a coin into a machine, this is gambling, unto which is no difference than a person or persons flipping a coin to see if a person would take the place of another person.

    But as it is people will call gambling a sin, when in fact it is not a sin to gamble.

    If casting a coin or flipping a coin is sin, then when the disciples cast lots to see who would take the place of Judas, then they all sinned.

  6. You know also that when the disciples cast lots to see who it be that would take the place of Judas.

    Notice also in Acts 1:24-26, that the disciples prayed unto the Lord to see who it is that He may want to stand in the place of Judas.

    Note that not only did the disciples cast in their lots, but now the Lord Christ Jesus is showing as to who He wants by having the lots fall on the one that He wants to replace Judas.

    So if your saying that gambling is sin, then are you saying that the disciples and Christ Jesus is also sinning?

    You know, it would be better if people would study in the scriptures ( bible) to see if a sin, is a sin before condemning some one.

    1. Dean, the use of “casting lots” was a method of making a decision…not trying to make some easy money. I agree with you that gambling in and of itself is not sin. But the addiction that often comes with gambling ruins lives. To say that it’s not Donald Trump’s fault if people voluntarily gamble and mess up there own lives is like saying that someone sold you poison to drink and said “it will make you feel will make your life better”……and if you drank it it wasn’t THEIR fault that you drank it. Donald Trump makes money off other people’s addictions. That IS a sin (causing your brother to stumble Romans 14:13)

      1. That is not the fault of Donald Trump, he did not twist anyone’s arms to get them to gamble, people who do gamble, gamble at their own free will.

        For those people that have addiction to gambling that is not Donald Trump’s fault.

        That like saying, people who have addiction to eating candy, it should not be sold in stores or anything else that people may have an addiction to.

        And for you to say that you offered me something to drink that is poison Andi drank it Knowing that it was poison, then that is my fault for drinking it. Knowing it was poison.

        Therefore Donald Trump is not committing any sin, as you like to think.

        Acts 1:23-26
        Verse 23-“And they appointed two, Joseph called Barsabas, who was surnamed Justus, and Matthias ”

        Verse 24-“And they prayed, and said, Thou, Lord, which knowest the hearts of all men, show whether of these two thou hast chosen ”

        Verse 25-“That he may take part of this ministry and apostleship, from which Judas by transgression fell, that he might go to his own place”

        Verse 26-“And they gave forth their lots; and the lots fell upon Matthias; and he was numbered with the eleven apostles ”

        Leviticus 16:7-8

        Verse 7-“And he shall take the two goats, and present them before the LORD at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation ”

        Verse 8-“And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats; one lot for the LORD, and the other lot for the scapgoat ”

        Therefore in the old and new testaments, casting lots is a form of gambling in its self.

        Notice that in the Strong’s Concordance of the bible that casting lots stands to mean —-through the idea of using bits of wood ect——? for the purpose for drawing chances.

        Thereby when a person enters a casino and place their lots on any given number,for the purpose of drawing chances.

        If a person who has addiction to gambling, this is not the fault of Donald Trump, or any other casino, that person has free will as anyone else has, to chose or not to chose.
        If I have addiction to gambling and knowing that i have this addiction to gambling, but I chose by my God given free will to walk in a casino, this is not the fault of Donald Trump or anyone else’s fault, but my own fault.

        You wish to take away a person free will, I wish to give them their God given free will to chose for themselves.

        Give me just one book and chapter and verse in the bible as to where casting lots is a sin. And you do know that casting lots is form of gambling in its self.

        You may think that gambling is a sin,to you it is sin, but for another you thinks it is not a sin, it is not a sin to them.
        Thereby you will not find that gambling a sin.

  7. Dean, that is absurd. Gambling and strip clubs cannot be justified. They are destroying people. Jesus in no way would have been involved in that. To compare casting lots in the New Testament and gambling in Vegas is absurd!

    1. No matter how you want to cut it, casting lots is still a form of gambling. That you can not handle and truth is truth.

      Acts 1:23-26
      Verse 23-“And they appointed two, Joseph called Barsabas, who was surnamed Justus, and Matthias ”

      Verse 24-“And they prayed, and said, Thou, Lord, which knowest the hearts of all men, shew whether of these two thou hast chosen ”

      Verse 25-“That he may take part of this ministry and apostleship, from which Judas by transgression fell, that he might go to his own place ”

      Verse 26-“And they gave forth their lots; and the lot fell upon Matthias; and he was numbered with the eleven apostles ”

      Therefore the disciples cast lots to see who would take the place of Judas.

      Leviticus 16:7-9
      Verse 7-“And he shall take the two goats, and present them before the Lord at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation ”

      Verse 8-“And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats; one lot for the Lord, and the other lot for the scapgoat”

      Verse 9-“And Aaron shall bring the goat upon which the LORD’S lot fell, and offer him for a sin offering ”

      Therefore in the old testament and the new testament, you have casting lots.
      Casting lots is in its self a form of gambling.

      Notice that even in the Strong’s Concordance the word ( lots stands to mean — through the idea of using bits of wood etc—-? For the purpose, for drawing chances.

      Therefore if person walks into a casino and cast money, they are drawing chances.

      You say that gambling is a sin, but in the scriptures whether old or new testaments it is not a sin, as you can see and read.

      Just because you make gambling into sin, it does not make it a sin.

      Of course the teachings of man’s will take gambling and make into a sin, but the Word of God does not make gambling a sin.

      Just because gambling goes against what you had been taught by man’s teachings and doctrines, does not make gambling a sin.

      Maybe you need to lay aside the teachings and doctrines of man’s, and listen to the teachings and doctrines of God’s.

      Give me the book and chapter and verses as to where it is written that gambling is a sin, as you say it is.

    2. Elaine, give the book and chapter and verse as to where gambling is a sin.

      You say gambling is destroying peoples lives, what about homosexuality its not only destroying peoples lives, it destroy’s nations.

      You can go from the book of Genesis all the way down to the book of Revelation and you will find homosexuality is abomination unto God,

      But Christians does not say one word about Obama and Hillary Clinton supporting homosexuality.

      How many Christians do you think when it comes time to vote will go right out and vote for Hillary Clinton.
      How many people do you think that Christ Jesus will cast off into the lake of fire for gambling?

      How many people do you think that commit homosexuality Christ Jesus will cast into the lake of fire?

      It is written throughout the scriptures those that commit homosexuality cast into the lake of fire, not only those who commit homosexuality, but also those that condone homosexuality.

      Did not Obama and Hillary Clinton condone homosexuality. Sure they did.

      But yet Christians do not say one thing about it.

      You do know in the eyes of Christ Jesus this is being a hypocrite, to say Donald Trump’s gambling is sin.
      When in fact homosexuality is an abomination unto God, but Christians has of yet to say anything about Hillary Clinton condoning homosexuality and it’s more of a sin than all the gambling casino put together.

      Do you understand what abomination means, it means — extreme hatred.

      Therefore homosexuality is an extreme hatred of God’s.

      Show as to where in scriptures that gambling is an extreme hatred of God’s?

      Don’t you think this is not going to set very well with God?

      In the book of Judges chapters 19-21, you will find the tribe of Benjamin was found in committing homosexuality and God destroyed all of them,
      except 600 out of the thousand of the tribe of Benjamin.

      Disciple Paul had written speaking of Israel in the book of Romans 11:20-21,
      Verse20-“Well; because of unbelif they were broken off, and you standest by faith. Be not high-minded, but fear:
      Verse 21-“For if God did not spared not the natural branches, take heed lest He also spare not you”

      God did not spare His own people Israel.
      God will not spare anyone else.
      For God is not a respecter of persons.

  8. You say,that Donald Trump spent decades destroying Christianity, will the faithful nominate him?

    To answer this question above, well the faithful as you put it, nominated Obama, and Obama and Hillary Clinton supported the abomination’s God.

    So who do you think will be found in the supporting Hillary Clinton?

  9. If I may answer the comment given

    Evangelicals who support Trump will answer for their choice.

    Trump neither said or done that is a sin, Gambling is not a sin, by all means give the book and chapter and verses to support what you say.

    Gambling is not a sin that leads to eternal death.

    Unlike the abomination of sin of man with man and woman with woman. This sin is an abomination unto God and shall lead those that commit such things to eternal death.

    As to how many Christians do you suppose voted for the man,Obama, that supported this sin of abominations, and how many Christians do you suppose will vote for the woman, Hillary Clinton who also supported the abomination of God.

    Thereby let’s put sin in its order

    Gambling is not a sin.

    Homosexuality is an abomination sin unto God.

    You know to say, because a man may own casino is sin.

    But a man and woman that is found in supporting homosexuality, and saying nothing about it, this is being Hypocrite.

    In the giving a blessing unto sin the abomination of God.

    But to say gambling is a sin, without giving any scriptural support, to support what you say.

    There is not one word in the scriptures that shall say that gambling is a sin an abomination unto God, unlike homosexuality is a sin, an abomination unto God.

  10. Ther is a huge difference between gambling in casinos and the casting of lots for Jesus’ clothes. One is taking a risk of losey large amounts of money because it is very addicting. The other determined who got the clothes, similar to drawing straws. The winner got the clothes, the losers lost nothing, and no one became addicted to casting lots for other people’s clothes.
    Casting lots is not gambling, but simply a way to decide a matter. Gambling implies that its possible to lose something. Did the men who cast lots lose anything? No, they didn’t. They walked away with exactly what they came with, including the shirt on their backs.
    No comparison at all. That is why they disciples cast lots to make a decision. They trusted that God would control the outcome.

    1. When those men cast lots for Christ Jesus clothes, they were fulfilling prophecy.

      Gambling is not a sin, there is no scripture that shall say that gambling is a sin.

      There is no difference between drawing straw’s to see who win’ than a person putting a coin into a machine to see if they win.

  11. ps
    Gambling is not a sin? Does not everything we have a gift from God. Gambling is squandering what God has given us with the goal of gaining more. It is a form of greed, and materialism. The Bible says we are to work with our hands in order to produce wealth, Gambling is foolishness, and a waste of God’s gift and resources. The Bible also says addictions are sin. “I will not be mastered by anything. Addiction is idolatry. Many gamblers become addicted.

    1. Homosexuality is alot bigger of a sin than gambling ever is.

      A matter of fact God call’s homosexuality abomination.

      The meaning of abomination means extreme hatred of God’s.

      give the book and chapter and verse as to where God will say the same for gambling.

      Many people in the bible cast slots, no matter how you try to cut it, casting slots is no difference than casting a coin.

      1. Yes, many people in the Bible did cast lots, but they did not gamble. They are not the same thing. The definition of “gamble” is “taking a risky action in hopes of a certain outcome.” Gambling is a risk, because there is always a chance of losing. Casting lots is not a risk because there is one winner and no losers. It is simply a way to determine who the winner is.

        Neither did I say gambling was as bad a sin as homosexuality. You said gambling is not a sin. I said it is and gave reasons.

        In a previous post you claimed gambling is not a sin. Now you say it is, but just not a bad as himosexuality. Well, is it a sin or not?

        Do you gamble?

        1. Your making gambling a sin, there is no where in the bible that say gambling to be a sin.

          Where is your bible support to back up your claim?

          What do you think casting slots is, it’s taking a risk in hoping of a certain out come.the same as Gambling is in Hope’s of a certain out come, therefore casting slots and gambling are one and the same.

          I do not think your thinking things through.

          Casting slots is in the Hope’s of a certain out come, the same as Gambling, is in the Hope’s of a certain out come.

          1. You are missing the point. Obama is out to destroy Christianity by promoting values which war against us. Yes, homosexuality is one of those thing. But you make it sound like Trump is a saint. Comparing the two is not the point of the article. Both have an antichrist agenda, along with every other unbeliever.
            Scripture does not need to state specific sins in order for them to be sins. The Bible teaches principles and the Holy Spirit leads us. The Bible says nothing about smoking crack cocaine. Does that mean it isn’t sin?
            Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father. Is it ok for a father to squander money meant to feed his father? The Bible doesn’t say it is wrong, but biblical principles do not support it.
            You fail to see the difference between gambling and casting lots. Maybe because you don’t understand what the biblical concept of casting lots actually is. It is not rolling dice. It is similar to flipping a coin. It is used to make a decision, NOT to gain money. Casting lots is not taking a risk. The soldiers at the cross, was there any chance of any of them losing anything? If so, what would they lose. One person would get the clothes, and the others would lose….what? Nothing. There was no risk.
            And no, people are not forcing people to gamble, but building casinos is similar to handing an alcoholic a bottle, and a selling a dime bag to a drug addict. It is providing and encouraging people to engage in sin for the purpose of making money. And no one forces people to gamble. It is our sinful nature, greed, that leads someone to gamble. Why else would a person gamble?
            Do you gamble? I gather from the fact that you never answered that question that you do, and this is a way to justify that which you deny is sin.
            Exposing sin as sin is not casting stones. Condemning you for your sins is casting stones, since I have plenty of my own, which are covered by the blood of Jesus. Your sins are also covered, but that doesn’t make sin any less sinful.
            Nevertheless, whether gambling is a sin or not, casinos are a den of corruption, with nudity, greed, sexual perversions of all kings, filthy comics, and many other things that God hates. The point of the article was to point out that Trump does not support Christian values any more than Obamination or Hillary. And yes, they both promote homosexuality and abortion, but that doesn’t make lesser sins irrelevant. God hates ALL sin, whether it is “bigger” or smaller. So why would a Christian give money to a casino, when that money is used to promote all those things mentioned above that God despises. If you gamble at a casino, money you lose is helping to pay a women for stripping off her clothes in front of an audience, or is paying wages to a comic who mocks and denigrates Christianity, or is used to pay a salary to a bartender who sells drink to an alcoholic. When the Bible says we are to avoid even the APPEARANCE of evil, I think it’s pretty clear what God’s will is concerning is issue.
            But this is between you and God. Vote for Trump, if that is your desire. I don’t really think it matters. Washington has a way of corrupting all.
            But remember this. Our citizenship is in heaven. We are not to put our hope in this world, or its leaders. Only the Prince of peace will bring peace. And that won’t happen until he returns.

      2. ps
        The fact is, gambling destroys lives. People become addicted, and many lose everything. It destroys lives and breaks up families. Since God loves people and families, I would think that God hates anything that destroys these things. Homosexuality is a grevious sin, and what makes it sin is that it desecrates God’s image which He placed in man. But gambling is just as much a sin, and since God hates all sin, He also hates gambling.
        Since Trump promotes what God hates, I’d say his values contradict Christian values.

        1. By the way, tell me, did not Obama promote homosexuality marriage, but yet you said nothing about Obama on his promoting of homosexuality marriage.

          Maybe you need to rethink yourself who is promoting the bigger sin?

        2. Give the scriptures, where God hates gambling.

          God hates homosexuality, for God calls homosexuality abomination. Which abomination means extreme hatred.
          Therefore homosexuality is a extreme hatred of God’s.

          1. Answer these questions.
            Why do you gamble (Inassume you do, since you refused to answer the question)? Because you want more money? Because you aren’t content with what you have? Why do you buy a lottery ticket? To get rich?
            If that is your motive, then the Bible says you are guilty of loving money.

            Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have… Heb 13:5
            Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever love wealth is never satisfied with their income…Ecc 5:10

          2. For one thing its none of your business if I gamble or not.

            The point is gambling is not a sin, there is no where in the bible that says gambling is a sin.

            You are like all the rest, that take’s something and make it a sin.
            There are many places in the bible that people cast lots,whether you like it or not, casting lots is no difference than casting a coin.

        3. The fact is gambling does not destroy’s people’s lives.

          People destroy’s their own lives.

          Like I said before,their is no one forcing any one to gamble.

          People gamble of their own free will.

          You do know what Free Will is don’t you?

          God gave to everyone free will to chose.
          Thereby if person by their free will chose’s to gamble, what is that to you.

          There are many people in the bible that cast lots, casting lots is no difference than casting a coin.

          You are like all the rest so called Christians that will take about anything and make into a sin.

          The point being, there is no where in the bible that states that gambling is a sin.

          Unless you can give to where in the bible as to where it is written that gambling is a sin.

          There is no use to keep going on this subject, all you want to do argue anyway.

          So this case is closed,uless you can produce scriptures to back up what you say.

          1. Yes, Dean I know what free will is. Sinners use their free will to sin every day. And believers use their free will not to sin. In addiction, the free will is not free. It is a captive to the sinful nature. That is why it is so difficult for alcoholics, smokers, overeaters, and gamblers, to stop
            It is very clear that you do gamble, and it is obvious that you are attempting to justify your gambling by placing it in the same category as casting lots, which is something the High Priest did to choose which goat went where on the Day of Atonment. The disciple cast lot to decide which person would replace Judas.
            I’m not judging you. We all stand naked before God. But we will also all stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ and give an account of how we used the resources that He has given to us. Did we use them to build the Kingdom, or did we cast it away and waste it by giving it to those who promote sexual immorality and drunkeness, as casinos do? Christians are called to rebuke and admonish one another, and we are our brother’s keepers.
            Just remember, not every sin is specifically mentioned in Scripture. God gives us His Holy Spirit, to lead us into truth and righteousness. For example, arson is not mentioned in the Bible. Does that mean it’s ok to burn down my neighbors house? Of course not. Love demands that I respect my neighbor’s property. Again, doing cocaine or heroin is not prohibited by Scripture, but respecting our bodies as God’s Temple, and keeping our minds clear are definitely commanded. Any money lost at a casino would be used to support and encourage another person’s sinful behavior, so for me, it is sinful. And any money that I would win, for me would be stealing, because it would have come from another’s pockets, one who had lost. And you could claim that that person lost the money of his own free will, but for me, it would be taking advantage of that person’s addiction to sin. But if you’re ok with it, enjoy and God bless!

        4. Your trying to place gambling as a sin as homosexuality.

          Show as to where God calls gambling abomination as God does with homosexuality.

          Show as to where in the scriptures as to where God destroyed city’s with fire and brimstone for gambling.

          God destroyed city’s with fire and brimstone for committing homosexuality.

          Therefore you can not put gambling as the same as homosexuality which homosexuality is abomination unto God.

          You do know that in the book of Judges 19-21, that God destroyed almost the whole tribe of Benjamin all except 600, for committing homosexuality.

          Does people really think that God will over look when people are found in committing homosexuality, when in fact God did not tolerate it with His own people.

          Notice what disciple Paul had written in Romans 11:21-“For if God spared not the natural branches, take heed lest He (God) also spare not you”

          Note the natural branches being Israel.

          Therefore God will not take from others that God did not take from His own people Israel.

          Therefore homosexuality is not a sin like any other sin.

          So who is committing the bigger sin the Democratic Party is in committing the bigger sin, unto which God destroyed city’s by fire and brimstone, and Destroy the tribe of Benjamin but for 600, for them committing homosexuality.

          So if I had to pick between the two party’s I would go with the one that up holds the values of God the Republican party.

          It was the Democrats that are found in supporting the homosexualls marriage, unto which God went against own people Israel for this abomination.

          1. Dean,
            First, I never said gambling was as bad as the sin of homosexuality. I merely stated that it IS sin, and agreed with the author that Trump does not support Christian values because, among other things, he owns casinos, which promote and encourage sinful behaviors like gambling, sexual immorality, and drinking.

            Yes, Sodom was destroyed because of homosexuality which is an abomination to God because it destroys God’s image in man, male and female.
            Who is committing the bigger sin is irrelevant. NEITHER party supports Christian values, or the values of God. This is politics, part of the kingdoms of this world, which are completely at odds with the kingdom of God. What we see in politics is man’s attempt to bring about the kingdom of God on earth, without the KING. They will ALL eventually fail. Our system of government has worked because God’s people were faithful. Today, we see our country in trouble, not because there is a president in power who promotes homosexuality. We are in trouble because God’s people have turn away from Him. God promises that if we humble ourselves and pray and seek His face and turn from OUR wicked ways, He will heal our land. It doesn’t matter who is elected, if God’s people are unrepentant. Materialism, addiction to entertainment, divorce and sexual immorality, gluttony, fill the Church, and heresies and false doctrines abound. And to many the Constitution is more omportant than the Bible. Many even equate Patriatism with godliness.
            But the entire point of the article is arguing which candidate BEST reflect Christian values. The Democratic party with their support of homosexuality and the murder of babies does not support Christian values. Nor does Trump reflect our values, since he promotes strip clubs which abuse and degrade and disrespect God’s most beautiful creation (women), he promotes his casinos which victimize people, by tempting them with drink, and sex and hopes of riches, and by living an immoral life himself, boasting of all the woman he has had.
            So if you also want to support these things, go for it. Vote for Trump.

          2. First of all I notice you bring up the Democrate party, but then you go to Donal trump.

            Your right about the Democrate party in the supporting abortions and gay marriage.

            This is the Democrate party’s platform.

            The Republican party’s platform stands on no abortions and that marriage is between a man and woman, even George,W, Bush stood on this when he was President.

            You know there were two Christians that were running for the President, they were Republicans,

            Dr,Ben Carson and Michael huckleberry

            I did not see any Christians that were trying to support either one of them, all because both were Republicans. But yet they were Christians.

            You would think regardless even if both were Republicans, that Christians would jump at the chance of having a Christian for President.

          3. To answer your question about you and your friend, casting slots to see who will go to pick a pizza,

            Well for one thing either you or your friend are at risk.

            Seeing that neither you or friend want to go and pick up the pizza.

            If you or friend wanted to go and pick up the pizza,there would have been no need in casting lots to see who wants to go and pick up the pizza.

            Therefore you or your friend are at risk of going to pick up the pizza, sense it is evidence that you nor your friend wanted to go and pick up the pizza, seeing that you cast lots to see who have to go and pick up the pizza.

            If you or your friend were willing to go and pick up the pizza, there would have been no need in casting lots to see who have to go and pick up the pizza.

            Therefore you and your are at risk.

            So you gambled to take the chance of not having to go and pick up the pizza.

          4. You are quite funny. What a horrible risk, having to go get the pizza!!
            That not a risk, but merely a decision to see who goes. Neither of us mind going. If fact, I want to get the pizza. I’m hungry and want to eat a slice on the way home. And I get to decide what items to put on the pizza!
            Let’s look at this another way. There are two pizza places, and this time both deliver! They are both very good. So which one do we choose? This is a difficult choice. Hey, I know, lets draw straws to see which one we will choose.
            Do you see how it is a decicion, and not a risk? Neither of us has to go. (Of course, one of us has to go to the door to get the pizza when it arrives, and I know there is a terrible risk in that. Definately don’t want to go to the door. We better draw draws to determine who risks going to the door, too!)
            Seriously, tell me how is there a risk of losing or wasting the gifts God has given by picking up the pizza. Tell me how, by drawing straws to determine who goes, or by playing rock/paper/scissors, either of us is at risk of losing our homes and families, which happens every day at casinos. That must be a really expensive pizza!! Tell me how a person could become addicted to flipping a coin.
            Do you understand the meaning of the terms, the boastful pride of life, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes? These are all found in casinos. They are what keep casinos in business, because they cater to man’s sinful human nature. Place God’s money on the card table, and more often than not, you walk away with less than you came with. Place God’s money on the countertop at the pizza place, and you walk away with dinner for you and your friend, or your family. Pepperoni, mushrooms, and lots of cheese! Hmmmm, very tasty! Oh! And green olives, too!
            But……..again…… are missing the entire point of the article by being fixated on gambling.
            Casinos are dens of iniquity, of deceit, of greed, lust, drunkeness, sexual immorality, and of power. Trump supports these things, which means he does not support Christian values…even IF, he claims to be Pro-life and Anti-gay marriage (which is questionable). Not to mention, he is rude, arrogant, and verbally abusive.

      3. Usury, the charging of Interest is also an Abomination. God tells us to plead the cause of the poor…yet, sadly we have Donald Trump, being the high priest of the Lukewarm church here in America, where greed is Idolatry, materialism rampant, lust justified, adultry overlooked. If you compare the sermon on the mount with some of Trumps speeches, their is a shocking contrast. We need repentance, not “greatness” the only endtime nation that is “Great” is Babylon the great

          1. Yes, It’s America and all of it’s Idolatry lifestyles that is is selling to the world

  12. toddott, the fact is, gambling does not destroy’s lives, people destroy’s their own lives.

    No one is forceing people into gambling, people gamble at their own free will.

    All your trying to do, is take that which is not a sin, and turn it into a sin, there nothing in the bible that say gambling is a sin.

    If gambling is a sin, then casting lots is a sin also, both are taking a risk in Hope’s of a certain out come.

  13. If I may add one other thing.

    As Christ Jesus had said- He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone.

  14. Answer this question.
    How is casting lots taking a risk? If my friend and I want pizza, and we cast lots to see who gles to pick it up, what is being risked? Is there anything being lost by either of us? Of course not. It is a way to make a decision, and neither of us will lose anything.