Student-Led Prayer Now Allowed in Liberal, Kansas

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Student-Led Prayer

In a move that is sure to bring scrutiny and criticism, the school board for Liberal, Kansas, voted unanimously to allow student-led prayer at events. It was apparently a spontaneous call to action that was not part of the original agenda. A board member wanted it discussed at the following board meeting but they worked it into the agenda and voted immediately.

Schools in America have been on a downward spiral ever since the corruption of anti-prayer rules started spreading in the 1960s. Today, the words “school” and “prayer” are almost never in the same sentence in our public school systems, yet we wonder why schools are more dangerous, why students are less obedient, and why society in general is taking a negative turn in America. The Liberal School Board will get backlash from non-Christians in the community and probably on a national scale. They will have to persevere for the childrens’ sake as this is an important precedent that needs to be set.

A school board in Kansas has voted unanimously to allow student-led prayers at school functions, restoring a practice that had been discontinued due to a fear of appearing to endorse a particular religion.

While prayer was not on the agenda for this month’s meeting in Liberal, Kansas, members agreed that it was an important issue to address.

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