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This is the first and probably the last time we will be posting something like this that is of a self-serving nature. We are so pleased that the number of people Daily Christian News updates is growing, but there will never be enough. The more that people are exposed to the Word of God, the better, and we’re blessed to have this forum through which to spread what we have learned in our own journey.

We encourage everyone who likes what they read here to let others learn of it as well. This can be done by subscribing yourself, of course. It can also be done by recommending our site to others. The easiest way to do this is to utilize the social sharing buttons on each story to post to your friends, family, and followers the words that might be of use to them.

If given the choice between reading what we post here and reading the Bible, we’ll always encourage people to do the latter. Our words are insignificant and meaningless compared the inspired Word of God. This site is dedicated to trying to get as many people to believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, to read and explore the Word of God through the Bible, and to participate in fellowship and discipleship with those who can be touched.

Nobody’s perfect, but we try to be as careful as possible with what we post and how we post it. If you want to help, please share these stories and encourage others to subscribe to our newsletter. If only one person can be brought to the faith, it’s more momentous than feeding a thousand hungry people.

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