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  4. Noting that you have already exposed Rick Warren, you will want to know about this:


    Now for anyone to name their book as number one, it always comes from a list. Where is the list? All other books in top twenty, 50, or 100, lists the book and the number as well as the ranking of everyone who is NOT number one.

    Rick Warren and his publisher Zondervan (now Harper-Collins) claim that Publishers Weekly stated that Rick Warren’s is “the bestselling non-fiction hardback book in history.” If this were true, Warren’s book would appear on PW’s own website list of best selling non-fiction books in history. PW does have such a top 25 list, here it is, and Rick Warren is not on it!:

    Secondly, note that on that link PW and the industry at large does not use the term “hardback”, rather they use the term “hardcover”.

    I am trying not to editorialize or comment on this because the facts speak for themselves. I simply copy what Warren claims and compare it to the various lists.


    Sometime books are fiction, but because they are based on a real character or real life story like Ben Her which is the story of Jesus, I include them in non-fiction list! posts the top 20 “best-selling nonfiction books of all time”.
    (scroll down) Rick Warren’s book is not listed in the top twenty.

    Ranker puts Warren’s PDL book at 36:

    James Clear’s Best Selling books list:
    (Warren’s book does not even show up)
    (No sign of Warren’s book)
    Warren is not even in the top 1,000

    Amazon list puts Rath’s Strengthfinder book as the number one best seller, but the list does not even include Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life book on their Top 20 best-selling nonfiction books of all time

    This was quite shocking in light of the fact that Rick Warren’s website as well as his publisher post the following statement:

    “Bestselling non-fiction hardback book in history” according to Publisher’s Weekly
    Sources: (Rick Warren’s website) (Warren’s publisher)

    What I find even more amazing than these facts, is that most pastors and professors and denominations who have been promoting Warren learn of these revelations concerning him, don’t even care about the truth, keep right on promoting him, and even attack me.
    Dear Purpose Driven,

    All of you no doubt are already very familiar with this quote by Rick Warren on your Purpose Driven website which he attributes to Publishers Weekly.
    Here is Rick Warren’s quote on your Purpose Driven site and Zondevan site:

    “Bestselling non-fiction hardback book in history” attributed to Publisher’s Weekly (source: below)
    Sources: (Rick Warren’s website) (Warren’s publisher)
    As you might also know, being number one comes from a list of top 25 bestsellers on Publishers Weekly website. Publishers Weekly generated this list from Nielsen’s Bookscan beginning in May 2012, but had been doing a best seller list long before 2012.

    Here is Publishers Weekly current 2017 bestselling book list:

    Here are Nielsen’s top 9 bestselling nonfiction hardcover books for 2004:

    Nielson Bestseller list 2004

    Nonfiction Hardcover

    1 MY LIFE By Life by Bill Clinton. Knopf, $35 (7)
    2 AMERICA (THE BOOK): A CITIZEN’S GUIDE TO DEMOCRACY INACTION By Jon Stewart & the Daily Show. Warner, $24.95 (17)
    3 PLAN OF ATTACK By Bob Woodward. Simon & Schuster, $28 (29)
    4 AGAINST ALL ENEMIES: INSIDE AMERICA’S WAR ON TERROR By Richard A. Clarke. Free Press, $27 (35)
    5 UNFIT FOR COMMAND: SWIFT BOAT VETERANS SPEAK OUT AGAINST JOHN KERRY. By John E. O’Neill & Jerome R.Corsi. Regnery, $27.95 (36)
    6 BIG RUSS & ME: FATHERAND SON: LESSONS OF LIFE By Tim Russert. Miramax, $22.95 (62)
    7 AMERICAN SOLDIER By Gen. Tommy Franks with Malcolm McConnelL. ReganBooks, $27.95 (66)

    But you can obtain Publishers Weekly bestsellers list for any year, going back to 1998.

    Rick Warren’s quote first appeared around 2004, when the book had reached 32 million sales,
    so in order to see ALL of the books and authors for 2004 or any year after, you can go either to PW site:

    To perform a search for any year you want to look at, type: “2011 Bestsellers Hardcover Nonfiction,publishers weekly” in Google for 2011. For any other year search simply change the year, but keep the rest of the text the same).

    or go to Nielson Bookscan 2012 (or pick your year) to see which authors and books actually appear in the top 25 on the bestselling nonfiction hardcover (hardback):

    Rick Warren’s quote is attributed to Publishers Weekly, so you can go directly to those published lists.

    This list as well as Hawes New York Times lists are great because they also tell you how long an author has been number 1, but also how long they were say number 18 (for PWs current list, number 18 has been at 18 for 12 weeks).

    Now what is interesting is that you might think all books about false teachers should be called “non-fiction” because books like the Book of Mormon is in reality fiction, as is the Koran. But they aren’t. They are listed as non-fiction, as is the convention in the publishing industry.

    Now you could write a book about a false teacher, and if it is accurate, you could call it a nonfiction book.

    You can also see if Rick Warren’s PDL book was number #1 in 2004, you can see how long he remained at #1, or if and when another author and book became #1.
    Many of you might wonder if Rick Warren’s book was #1, who was #2? Or are there any other top 25 that are Christian authors.

    I have studied the NYT list, Amazon, Publishers Weekly, and Nielson, and Wall Street Journal best sellers.

    Even if you use Amazon’s list that doesn’t help Rick Warren. HE is currently not even in the top 100 non-fiction. In 2004 #11. #5 in 2003 his peak years. by 2005 he vanishes from Amazon top 100. In 2006 he is #37. 2007 nowhere in top 100. 2008 nowhere in top 100. 2009 nowhere in top 100. 2010 nowhere in top 100. 2011 nowhere in top 100. 2012 nowhere in top 100. 2013 nowhere in top 100. 2014 (year he re-released PDL book) nowhere in top 100. 2015 nowhere in top 100. 2016 nowhere in top 100. 2017 nowhere in top 100. So from 2007 – 2017 a full decade he completely disappears.

    And he is the best selling non-fiction book in history?

    What is baffling is that many website show Rick Warren’s PDL book selling 32 million in 2004 (in the first two years of its 2002 publishing date), but many in 2014 have the same total of 32 million. It would seem that if the sales were 32 million in 2004, that a decade more of sales would substantially increase that sales number. If the book sold 16 million per year for 2002-2004, and only sold a million per year between 2004 and 2014, that would be a total of 42 million by 2014. Can you explain this?

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