Survey Paints an Interesting View of Jews and Christians in America

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The headline of an article caught me off guard. It read, “More white evangelicals than American Jews say God gave Israel to the Jewish people“. It seemed strange enough to where it was likely going to be on some untrustworthy website with information from a faulty source, but it turned out to be Pew Research. While they’re still often slanted, they do better than just about any other research organization in the country at painting a mostly unbiased view of the data.

The general premise turned out to be true. When surveying the general public, most who considered themselves Jews by religion and the vast majority who considered themselves Jews in heritage only did not believe that God gave Israel to the Jewish people. By contrast, a slight majority of Christians (55%) felt that this was true. When looking at white evangelicals, the numbers were very strong. 82% believed that Israel was given to the Jews, a number beaten only by orthodox Jews at 84%.

Here’s the survey results followed by the story itself:

Pew Survey on Jews and Christians

Israel defines itself as a Jewish state, and most Jews in the United States say that emotionally they are either very attached (30%) or somewhat attached (39%) to Israel. But on some measures, Jews’ feelings for Israel are equaled or even exceeded by those of white evangelical Protestants.

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