The Cambrian Explosion Makes the Theory of Evolution Unlikely

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Charles Darwin

There are two important things to note before checking out the infographic below. We do not believe in the general tenets of the concept of intelligent design nor not believe in a need for proof when it comes to our Lord or the validity of the Bible. Yes, God is our creator and yes, there are ways to prove the validity of the Bible, but intelligent design puts emphasis on reconciling the creation with scientific data. This is a dangerous and false path to follow.

While we disagree with the concept of time listed in the infographic below, it still highlights an interesting point in time when there seemed to be an explosion of life forms being created. It isn’t that we believe in the premise of the graphic but it can be used to start an interesting dialogue about the falsehoods of Darwinian Evolutionary Theory. The theory itself is impossible, of course, but dubbing it unlikely is a more reasonable approach to getting the conversation started.

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Darwin's Doubt Infographic


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