Alien Rapture Deception

The Coming Alien Rapture Deception is Not Proof of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture

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Over the last couple of years we’ve seen a deception being laid out before us in preparation for a future event. Many of you have seen it in the form of the “great alien rapture deception.” It’s even being pointed to as proof of a pre-tribulation Rapture.

Here’s how it’s laid out. There are videos and stories showing that aliens or trans-dimensional beings are either in contact with the governments of the world or spiritual leaders like the Roman Catholic Church and have convinced them that we’re heading in the wrong direction. They may be pointing to war, famine, climate change, or some other man-made events that are going to destroy us if we don’t change soon.

As a result, they have the powers that be in this world making preparations for a coming event so that chaos can be minimal. These aliens are going to take millions of people away for one of several potential reasons. The two most common reasons are that they’ll be placed on another planet where they’ll expand our understanding and reach or that these are the “problem makers” of the world and they’re taken away to some far off rehabilitation area or even killed altogether.

A lot of people who study the Bible and watch the signs of current events believe that this is a deception designed to mask the rapture before the tribulation. They believe that as the true Rapture occurs, this fase rapture and storyline will be fed to the masses so that they won’t turn to the Bible for answers. They’ll give us an answer before word spreads that it was the Biblical Rapture, thus preventing millions of others from taking advantage of their second chance for salvation during the tribulation.

We recently posted an article called “Layers Upon Layers of Deception are Intended to Confuse Believers” and we feel that this false Rapture concept is a perfect example of this. In other words, all of these preparations and the pre-conditioning that we’re seeing about an alien false rapture aren’t intended to confuse the non-believers left behind. They’re intended to confuse and mislead the current believers into believing in a pre-tribulation Rapture.

I recently received a comment on our site from someone who sounded extremely knowledgeable and discerning. It appeared that this person has been doing their research, reading their Bible, looking for guidance about the future, and coming to very sound conclusions. The one potential flaw is that this person pointed to all of this misinformation and preparation for a false alien rapture as a reason that they lean towards a pre-tribulation Rapture viewpoint.

It is very hard for us to conceive of a deception that is so multi-layered that there would be a information out there about one deception that was intended to confuse those who are trying to see through other deceptions. We cannot forget who we’re dealing with, here. The adversary has had thousands of years to plan and prepare these deceptions. He is much more clever and powerful than our human minds can even conceive of, let alone hope to defeat on our own. In Jude, we learn that even the great Archangel Michael dared not to accuse the devil but instead said, “The Lord rebuke thee.” How can we ever hope to see through his deceptions? We must wear the full Armor of God and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us.

Society has become emersed in endless information. Notice that I didn’t call it knowledge. We have all of the wisdom we need in the Bible, but with the internet and Google and YouTube and blogs and everything else out there, it’s so easy for us to see information. Some of it’s great. Most of it is deceiving or at least misleading. It’s so easy to get caught up in looking for signs or following the commentaries of Bible scholars, conspiraty theorists, and the like. I beg that you turn to the Bible and prayer for discernment through the Holy Spirit to show you the truth.

In the coming days, we may in our lifetime see the world change in the most dramatic fashion possible. We may very well be in the end times. Stay grounded in your faith through all that is ahead. We hold to the doctrine of a coming tribulation that will precede the Rapture. We feel that the Bible makes it clear that believers will go through tribulation with the rest of the world before the glorious return of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach. If, through your studies, you’ve come to believe in a pre-tribulation Rapture, we would love to discuss the two perspectives. However, we realize that most not change their viewpoint. If you’re right, awesome and I’ll gleefully commend your discernment in the clouds as we meet our Lord and Savior. If, however, there is tribulation first, please do not fall for any of the deceptions that the adversary will put in front of us.

During tribulation, the only thing that matters is staying true to our faith and helping others to receive the truth of the Gospel before the judgment comes.


  1. I don’t believe anything about a post trib rapture, nor does it line up with scripture. I just want to point some things out that clearly indicate a pre-tribulation rapture. There are many reasons why I believe in a pre-tribulation rapture and reject a post-tribulation scenario. If I was going to use just one verse off the top of my head I would use 1 Thess 1:8-10.
    “The Lord’s message rang out from you not only in Macedonia and Achaia—your faith in God has become known everywhere. Therefore we do not need to say anything about it, for they themselves report what kind of reception you gave us. They tell how you turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God, and to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead—Jesus, who rescues us from the coming wrath.”
    So the Thessalonians were waiting for Jesus to return from Heaven (not the antichrist) who would rescue them from the wrath to come (not waiting to go through it.) – And they were commended for doing so!
    To my mind a post tribulation rapture confuses law and grace, and God’s separate purposes for Israel and the Church. To my mind, it is also quite clear in Revelation (the most detailed book of the tribulation period) that the overall structure and outline of the book is given in Rev 1:19 where Jesus told John to:
    ‘Write therefore the things which you saw, and the things which are, and the things which shall come to pass after this.’
    The things John had just seen is the vision of Jesus in Rev 1:12-16
    The things which are is the messages to the churches in Rev 2:1-3:22 (these give us an overview of the entire church age)
    The things which take place after this is Rev 4:1 onwards. From this point Revelation discusses that which happens after the church age.
    To me, it makes perfect sense that John in chapter 4.1 would be told that he would now be shown the ‘things which take place after this.’ (After the church age.) It makes sense that the church is not mentioned again after this point apart from being seen at the marriage of the lamb BEFORE the return of Jesus in Revelation 19. It also makes sense, to me at least, that there is such a focus on the Jews and Jerusalem again because God has got unfinished business there! The 144,000 Jews mentioned are even called the ‘first fruits’ in Rev 14:4 which makes sense to me if this is not the church age. Otherwise, if the church goes through the tribulation, why would they be called ‘first fruits’ unto the lamb?
    To my mind it makes sense that the bride of Christ, having gone to the wedding ceremony, would then return with Jesus ‘clothed in fine linen, white and pure.’ (Compare the description of the bride in Rev 19:8 with those that follow Jesus out of Heaven in Rev 19:14).
    A pre-tribulation rapture also makes sense in my mind with Jesus’ illustration of His coming being like it was in the days of Noah. He says that in those days people were eating, drinking, getting married… ie carrying on with normal life having no idea that judgment was coming. This makes perfect sense in relation to a pre-tribulation rapture, but makes no sense that I can see with a post tribulation rapture where the earth has experienced all the judgment spoken of in Revelation and life will be anything but like normal!
    It also makes sense in my mind why Jesus promised to come and take us back to His home (John 14:1-3 in fulfilment of the Jewish marriage type… in a post tribulation rapture scenario this makes no sense.)
    No, thankfully the church has been promised that it will not experience God’s wrath that He will pour out upon this earth. (Rom 5:9, 1 Thess 1:10, 5:9) The church, according to the Apostle Paul, are sons of the light and are not of the day of darkness (The Day of the Lord) that will come upon this earth. See 1 Thess 5:2-5.
    I do want to say something briefly about Jeremiah 23:15-31 and Ezek 13 as well. From using those scriptures in connection with the pre-tribulation rapture, I assume that you believe that people who teach a pre-tribulation rapture are false prophets or are just trying to please the people with something that isn’t true – something imaginary. Correct me if I’m off-base here but I assumed that was what you were trying to say. If it is true, then all I would say, and I’m sure you know this anyway, is that many godly men who desire only to be true to God’s word believe in a pre-tribulation rapture. Obviously the pre-tribulation rapture was very popular among the Brethren Churches and I don’t think you could accuse them of not wanting to be biblical or of just saying something that would please the people. Dave Hunt wrote in ‘The Berean Call’ a few points concerning pre vs post tribulation and while He gets called a lot of things, being a people pleaser is not one of them! If you want to read it use this link:
    I also have come to the position I hold not because someone else believes it or because its become popular with the ‘left behind’ books but because I have always enjoyed studying prophecy for myself and I believe that a pre-tribulation rapture is the biblical view when all of scripture is looked at. I just want to add one more thing to this. 2 Thessalonians 2:8 “And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:” This is the 2nd coming of Christ at the end of the tribulation. That leaves no room for a post tribulation rapture because right at the end of the tribulation is clearly Christ’s 2nd coming, and then the millennial reign of Christ.
    All the best.

  2. / Spied the following snippet on the ever present and amazing net. /

    Pretrib Rapture – how WHAT becomes WHEN

    Certain rapture verses in the Bible are a WHATers paradise!

    WHATers can dazzle their audience with a lot of WHAT WHAT WHAT between Gen. 1:1 and Rev. 22:21 and, while you’re not noticing, quickly sneak in their own WHEN of the rapture and ignore the Bible’s WHEN!

    WHATers read all of the WHAT details in I Thess. 4:13-18, emphasize the “comfort one another” at the end, and say something like “What a comforting thought that the rapture can happen at any moment BEFORE the tribulation!”

    They often add: “It wouldn’t be comforting if we had to face the Antichrist.” (Maybe they believe a lighthouse wouldn’t be comforting to sailors on a dark, stormy night but only when the sun is shining!)

    WHATers avoid the next chapter (I Thess. 5) which says that the rapture’s “times and seasons” happen WHEN “sudden destruction” (the “destruction” part of the “day of the Lord”) happens.

    (How can the wicked be destroyed before, or during, the time of their tribulational “reign”? Even their leader, the Antichrist, isn’t destroyed until the trib’s end!)

    Now look at I Cor. 15:51-54. WHATers have a blast with the first half. They dwell on “mystery,” read “in a moment” as if it really means “AT ANY MOMENT,” spend an inordinate amount of time explaining how fast the “twinkling of an eye” is, and try to prove that “last” (in “the last trump”) doesn’t really mean “last”!

    Seldom do WHATers dare to reveal WHEN we are changed into immortal bodies – but verse 54 dares to when it says our rapturous change occurs WHEN WHEN WHEN “Death is swallowed up” (same as “ended”).

    Obviously the trib’s time of death can’t be ended before, or even during, the trib!

    And WHATers don’t want you to realize that the “Death” quote is a paraphrase of Isa. 25:8 which even Scofield etc. agree is in a posttrib setting!

    II Thess. 1:6-10 is further proof that our rapture (“rest” in vs. 7) happens WHEN the wicked are destroyed – and not several years ahead of time!

    And Acts 2:34-35 and Acts 3:21 declare that Christ must stay in heaven UNTIL He comes down to earth to destroy the wicked (make them His “footstool”) and restore “all things” – so how can He leave heaven ahead of time for a pretrib rapture?

    II Tim. 3:14 says we should “vet” our teachers (“knowing of whom thou hast learned them”). You can do this if you Google or Yahoo “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty” and “Left Behind or Led Astray?” (on You Tube).

    What I’m wondering is this: WHEN will everyone wake up and realize that a lot of WHAT will never take the place of WHEN?

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