The Evolutionist’s New Clothes

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There are those who believe in Creation and those who believe in evolution. The two perspectives have become the dominant models through which people craft their worldview today. We will discuss a bit about both topics at a later date, but for now let’s go into details about why this is the case today.

Before we do that, it’s important to understand the idea that evolution, while supported by the vast majority of scientists around the world, has not been proven. In fact, as time goes on and as scientific understanding increases, there is a deepening of questions and causes for skepticism that makes the theory harder to accept. Despite this, the case has been closed in the eyes of most in western culture. Either you believe in it or you’re ignorant. Even scientists, when faced with contradictions or challenges, have dismissed discussions as something they don’t want to explore, not because they have proof but rather because it’s the acceptable way for scientists to think.

Nearly everything that is given as proof of evolution is purely circumstantial evidence pieced together through assumptions that are held together by circular reasoning. The rock layer is this old because of the fossils found in it. The fossils are this old because of the layer of rock where they were found.

This will not be a deep dive into the Biblical understanding of Creation nor will it explore the notions held by modern science about evolution. We’re not here to debunk or refute today but rather to explore why the case has been closed in the minds of the general population. Let’s start by looking at the clothes… or lack thereof.

The Persistent Belief

In the short fairy tale The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen, two weavers convince the Emperor that they will give him clothes that are only visible to someone who is competent. To those who are stupid and unfit for their position, the clothes will appear to be invisible. Donning the new clothes, the Emperor is unwilling to admit that he doesn’t see them. The people in his court are unwilling to admit that they don’t see them. Even people in the crowd to which he displays his glorious new outfit are unwilling to admit their incompetence until a little girl points out the truth. There are no clothes.

This is what has happened with evolution. It was a fine theory when it was conceived. However, modern science has done more to align with a Biblical understanding of the world in recent decades than to align with evolution. This hasn’t stopped scientists and politicians from pushing the theory as factual. It has infiltrated our schools. It is dominant across mainstream media. The notion of a Biblical worldview is dismissed as superstition when compared to the science behind evolution.

The problem is that the holes in the theory of evolution from the Cambrian Explosion to the indefensible early development of the eye to the baffling realities of metamorphosis have been tabled. There is very little effort placed into figuring out how these evolutionary contradictions can be reconciled and there is no discussion in schools, politics, or the media.

Instead, discussion has been replaced by insults. Evolution has been taken as fact. As more scientists shift their views, they’re quickly quashed and silenced and in some cases black listed within their field. The scientific world has become rife with bullying to the point that any hope for a scientist to find work is very strictly attached to their opinion of religion, Creation, and evolution.

If you want to be taken seriously in school, the media, politics, or the world of science, you certainly cannot be one of those telling evolutionists that they’re naked. That much is clear. Now, the question becomes why this is the case.

The Importance of Evolution to the Adversary

A world that believes in evolution is a world that can be drained of all hope. The Bible tells us how we are to live and gives us a future that we can strive for through repentance and belief in Yeshua as our Lord and Savior. The adversary knows this. That’s why the easiest way to convince people that they have no salvation is to deny them of the belief in Creation in the first place.

The first utterance of Genesis is very clear.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.Genesis 1:1 (KJV)

Evolution cuts off the Bible from the very beginning. There are many who say that they believe in the Bible and that they also believe in evolution. This does not reconcile. The Bible is very clear about how Creation happened and evolution does not fit into that view. Many Christian believers in evolution will deny this, but one has to look at what Yeshua said to Nicodemus to gain a true understanding of why seeing through the lie of evolution is so important to our faith.

If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?John 3:12 (KJV)

Evolution is not just set by the adversary to deceive people into not believing. It is also intended to lead believers astray to consider what they believe to be poetic representation rather than reality. If the adversary can get people to see the Bible as mostly allegorical rather than literal, they are more easily swayed when it comes to understanding how we’re supposed to live and what will happen to us when we die. This opens the door to many different beliefs and allows man to make his own interpretation of God’s Word.

Belief in evolution is the seed through which many vines are born. These vines are designed to strangle us in a way that keeps us from the Word and blinds us from the truth. Before you assume that everyone is right, be certain that you truly explore whether they’re clothed in facts or if they’re wearing nothing at all.

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